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Jun 26, 2010
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At Last, You Have Found The RIGHT Audience For Your Solo Ad!

Promote your offer to my HUNGRY list of internet marketers and satisfy there DESIRE to succeed!!

High Quality Solos From My Insanely Fresh Constantly Growing List, And I Always Over Deliver!

Why Book Your Solo With Me?

I deliver English speakers to your offer: More than 80% of my list are from “premium” countries which include the US, UK, CAN, AU… This means I deliver higher quality traffic that is more likely to convert for you.
All prices are for UNIQUE clicks only: When a solo is sent out, it’s not uncommon for the same person to click your link more than one time, I will NEVER charge you for these “duplicate” clicks, unique clicks are all that count.
My clicks are usually delivered with in 24-36 hours: I strive to deliver my clicks with in 24-36 hours of send out, But 72 hours would be the absolute max delivery time.
You will ALWAYS get more clicks than you paid for: I over deliver on EVERY order, no exceptions.

Igor Kheifets wants to buy another run!

somocash;8270200 said:
I just wanted to leave a quick testimonial for you. I’m somewhat new to buying solo ads as we discussed so I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to chat with me, explain the process and even reviewing my offer before I bought my solo.
I purchased a 200 click solo ad which you over delivered by 33 clicks (more than 15% over delivery)! The opt-ins came in over a 2 day span. The first day I received 70 opt-ins and 46 on the second day. (116 OPT-INS!) I had 2 people join immediately. I expect as my follow up emails drip on them I'll see additional sign ups in the coming days.

I'll definitely mail with you again for sure! All I can say is that I am extremely pleased with the whole experience and highly recommend your services!!
Thanks again,
Marty :)

Justin Tillman;8222995 said:
Bought 500 Clicks from Thomas the other day and received 545, 230 optins and I got a residual commission that could be worth $250 to me in the next few days...

Dan got a 74% opt-in rate!

Thanks for an AWESOME ad.

Fred got over 50 opt-ins!

networkcm;8227993 said:
Hey Thomas,

Solo went great and Opt -ins and overdelivery A++++
Thank YOU

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The price starts at just .40 per click.

100 - 500 clicks available

PM me or contact me on skype at uttsmarketing
__________________________________________________ _______________________________
* I do not accept offers that are in any way deceiving or difficult for the subscriber to obtain the free download.
* Include your swipe if you have one that you want used. I will however reserve the optionto edit or change it completely. I will be happy to send you a copy for your approval.
* I will NOT send to offers with more than 2 exits!

* I RESERVE the right to refund ANY solo ad if the offer is not a good fit for my list.

REFUNDS: I do NOT offer refunds on “DELIVERED” clicks. I cannot guarantee how well your offer will do. There are too many variables.

It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel. And it is up to you to know how well your squeeze page converts. The Only Thing I can guarantee is your clicks will be delivered to your website URL within 72hrs of your solo ad going LIVE (not the day we receive your purchase).

However, if for some unforeseen reason I cannot get your clicks delivered on time, I will refund the non-delivered click amount (per click price). Or we can work out something between us.
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