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Jan 31, 2013
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Profit Pixel Media

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Here at ProfitPixel we know that you have a choice in affiliate networks, and we appreciate your interest in us when choosing a company to monetize your website. What makes ProfitPixel Media different from the thousands of other affiliate networks out there? We listen, teach and modify. On-time Net 30 Payments 1st Month, May Apply For Net 15 There After, Dedicated Affiliate Manager, 5% Referal Commission, Top Payouts and Offers for traffic around the world!

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Weekly, Net 15, Net 30

Payment Method:

Paypal, Check, Wire

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Yes = 5%
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Question: Where you an affiliate before starting out as a network?

Answer: Yes

Question: What does it take to qualify as an affiliate for you?

Answer: A honest application, is how you get started. Even if you have never made one dime people need to start with being HONEST!

Question: Do you have any international offers?

Answer: Yes, Many

Question: What types of tools and guidance do you offer your affiliates?

Answer: What campaigns would work best with there type of site.

Question: What is the most you've seen a affiliate make in one day?

Answer: Last summer A Home Warranty did 14K in one day

Question: How old are you and where are you from?

Answer: 28, from Virgina

Question: Tell us a bit more about yourself...

Answer: I am a Software Engineer as much as I am an Affiliate Manager, I love to develop applications that help affiliates succeeded.

Question: What else would you like to tell the community?

Answer: No matter if you make a dollar or thousands you have the power to succeeded you just have to work hard everyday!

Question: Are you running any special promotions at the moment?

Answer: No

Question: A lot of affiliates give up if their fist campaign is a bust, what do you recommend in these situations

Answer: Try, Try again Affiliate Marketing isn't how hard you call its about how you pick yourself up.

Question: How many people work for you?

Answer: Every One of my affiliates I consider work for me if it wasn't for them I would make nothing.

Question: What kind of tracking do you guys offer?

Answer: We own our tracking platform so we can build into it anything that our affiliates suggest.

Question: What are some of your highest payouts?

Answer: From 3.00 for an emails submit to 60-300 for more compliate specific offers.

Question: With the fast pace nature of our industry, how can affiliates stay ahead of the curve?

Answer: Read and be aware of the trends of the internet, right now the trend is Mobile traffic.

Question: What is the first commission you ever earned?

Answer: When I was 13 I ran a CPC campaign and made $100 in my first day.