Profitsiege Email - Was From Doc ( In Case some Wondered)


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People are concerned about this software and are even discussing it on other forums. I got a link to this discussion from one of them.

Honestly I couldn't be arsed to read all the six pages here so maybe I'm like one of the proverbial blind men who had only seen part of the big picture. However still I'll shove in with the perceptions and opinions that I've formed so far.

@Doc - I respect your past track record and feel you are an all-right guy and have added tremendous value to this great community. However I disagree that this thread is going off track. People ARE concerned about what software does through the backdoor and Steven HAS to fix that perception to increase his sales and build his reputation. The only thing off track here is the discussion about Steven as a person or his background. That has nothing to do with nothing. I think Michael is out of line discussing that. He's entitled to his opinions, and freedom of speech, but it dilutes the purpose of this thread and also the otherwise excellent points he makes.

@Michael - I'm seriously glad you invested serious time into this. It's truly appreciated but you destroy the otherwise excellent signal-to-noise ratio by going into personalities. You don't trust him, fine. You don't like him, no hair off anyone's ass. But heck! It's NOT about Steven, it's about the product and the possibly good (or not) things it could do for us or the (potential) harm in the payload.

@Steven - Do you REALLY need to pull that PW info shit etc.? Could your software work effectively without it, while protecting your intellectual property at the same time? I intend to give your software a test run and am rooting for you to make bagfuls of money with this product so you can develop it further or create new ones but you GOTTA fix perceptions and remember, perceptions are more important than actual facts. For my 2 cents, Michael is perhaps going to turn out the best friend you ever had if he kicks your ass into turning a good product into a great product.

@Everyone reading this - Let's STOP talking about Steven for fuck's sake. I don't care if he worked at Paypal or not. I'm a businessman and I ONLY care if this software can add value to me or not. Does it give a good return on investment on the $ price and the time and PPV investment.

Questions -
What is the name of this product anyway? I was investigating Profit Siege and I don't know when it morphed into PPV Demon. Same thing? Different thing?

Where's Doc's offer link? Is it still open? Is it backed by Clickbank's refund guarantee? PM me someone, please.

Any product reviews backed by personal experience?

Peace! Love! Profits!
I was mainly referring to the personal accusations being portrayed by him as for the thread going off track. I dont care if anyone comes here and has questions or wants proof or whatever they are after but to insinuate the things he was doing was getting out of hand and just pure trolling for no reason, which he did in another thread I started awhile back.

I don't have a link for this anymore I actually forgot all about it. If you want it just contact Steven and set it up.



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Hi godspeed, what do you mean it was sold on Flippa?
Can you provide a link - I'd like to see that.

To answer your question:
Does it work? Yes and (mostly) NO.
There did not seem to be much success at all reported by the members in the forum.
Even the ones who paid hundreds to upgrade to "cut and paste" campaigns crapped out.
Most just faded away. (Apparently, according to the author, they were just making too
much money to bother coming back to the forum - Ha!)

I worked hard on it and could not find success.
I did lots of research and found:
1. Probably works best for list building.
2. The ones who make it work have DEEP pockets. They spend a few grand in the morning
testing tons of campaigns. In the afternoon they pick the winners and make bank.

Unfortunately, last year, just when I got my tax refund (earmarked for IM) I got an email
about this from someone I thought I could trust (more fool, me) talking about how it was
a "life changer". I spent my money on that. Bust.

I still have the software hosted which is great for making quick (and quick loading) LPs,
but PPV is much harder to make money at than a hundred other things you could do.