Promoting other forums Gets you Banned on MMD!


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Lets get somethings straight. If you own a forum or a membership of any kind and you want to promote your site on MMD then buy a Ad space.
10 – Promoting Other Forums or Membership sites. – You are not allowed to promote other forums/membership sites here by any means, not even in your signature. I don't care if you own it, your friend owns it, or your grandma owns it, without expressed written permission from the MMD staff.

If you think your going to come to MMD and spam the hell out of it, just because your site needs members well think again. Our members our faithful to us. Your site maybe nice and all, but our members are here for a reason.

I banned one member today for it and I am watching a few others. Unless your offering tools or software from the BST then please dont spam us. We want to keep everyone here with us. I never ban people but I'm not going to allow this crap anymore.



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This is one of the most laid back and coolest forums I have ever been a part of. I see your point but why would anyone else want to go to another forum? :p

MMD is awesome :)


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True that!!! MMD rocks and if you try spamming your crap here then there is a lot more than banning we can do.

Take a look at the programmers on board :p


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Dave ask P to open up a section on the forum private one for the SENuke training, that is if you want to.


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what if we are NOT promoting a forum but just listing all the forums available and some cons: [LOOK in the quote]

List of all forums:

4. black hat [Hmm-Takes fairly long to load]
5. black hat
6. Black Hat Ninjas now known as
8. WickedFire
10. Cashloopholes
11. ByteCatchersCrew
12. Niche Choppers
13. [Crap-Got PM by the admin almost monthly, even THRICE in august-2011 | it's a blessing our admin let us be...]
14. CPALead
15. Black Hat Nation
16. JVnotify
17. Syndk8
18. Web Hosting Talk
19. SelfMadeVIP (Self Improvement)
20. SeductionDatabase (Self Improvement)
21. E S 5
22. FeedUrBrain
23. Biztorrents
24. Salad
25. ThiefSEO
27. IM SEO Money Maker
28. Blackhat-Money
30. [nice tools (website submitter (indexer), social bookmarking)]
31. Amader Forum (TV Series)
32. Team - TDK (MKV Movies)
33. Divxturka (Movies)
34. Cyberwarez (Apps)
35. blackhatdownloads
36. [Hmm-Black background, hurts me eyes.]
38. bht download [Crap-There's an OPT-IN form on arrival! / Crappy search function]

#13. If ijdigital start PM-ing me routinely, I'll kiss him until he suffocates!

Alright let's be fair now...
1. [Hmm-Site down often (once/twice a month for 10min-1day), slow admin support]
I'm just saying the cons so don't kill me. :)
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Yeah, a few people could ruin it for everyone. However, I think suspension is better than banning if it's just a first offense. (I didn't do it though honest. LOL)