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Feb 3, 2019
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Hey guys!
Survey sites are a great way to earn extra money on the side or if you’re looking for a method to pay your bills. Surveys are easy and have a high payout rate. One 15 minute survey can get you a few dollars! These survey sites can give you stuff like gift cards or even direct bank deposits. With so many of these floating around, I’m writing a guide to help y’all succeed in qualifying for surveys.

First, I’m going to recommend a survey website that has gotten me over $80 in paypal deposits. Among other offers that this website has are gift cards, direct bank deposits, and even bitcoin prizes. Cinchbucks.com has lots of different survey providers, which means that high-pay offers are always available. One of my favorite providers on Cinchbucks is Your Surveys. There is a Daily Your Surveys tab and a Normal Your Surveys tab. The Your Surveys tab on the left hand side has the highest paying surveys. The interface has a bunch of options for you to choose from. I’ve done surveys that pays up to $7 on this provider. Cinchbucks, unlike other survey websites, also has a collection of offers that you can take if you’re bored after taking surveys. These offers have high rewards as well, including simple tasks such as signing up for a website or downloading an app. Overall, Cinchbucks has been the best survey website in my experience.


On Cinchbucks, do not do surveys that come in your email, those surveys don’t give much.

Without further ado, I’ll be telling you people how to excel and qualify for a lot of surveys. Although there is no foolproof method, there are some ways to ensure that you’ll qualify on most surveys.

Age is one of the most basic factors in qualifying for a survey. There is no way to determine what age group the surveys are targeting for, but I usually choose either 23 or 36, and it seems to work well.

Race is one of the first questions that people ask you about. Survey providers are looking for a wide demographic. Therefore, I usually choose the minority races, like Asian Islander. I also choose Caucasian/White, since some surveys are looking for that.

Annual $
Usually I choose the $75,000 to $100,000 range, and it seems to work well. Companies are looking for the middle class range. I never get disqualified because I choose this option.

This is the most important part of a survey, and one that can get you disqualified or can let you take the survey. There are lots of surveys on IT and technology. Therefore, I usually choose that option. Education also works well when the IT option isn’t available. However, there is one tricky part to this. If the question also includes family members and has options like “marketing firm” or “advertising agency”, always click none of the above. This is because companies are revealing their secrets or routes in the surveys, and do not want you to reveal it to other companies. Choose the job depending on what the company wants.

Decision making
Surveys want you to have the greatest authority, so they can answers based on actual consumers. On questions asking you if you have the final decision in a certain aspect of the household or company, always choose “I have the greatest influence”.

Some surveys ask which products or companies that you are familiar with. Choose all of the ones you know. Search the ones you don’t on google, and check to see if they’re legit. Don’t click all of the products, but click most of them. I usually leave 2-3 unclicked.

Company revenue and size
Surveys want to make sure that you represent a major company. Therefore, I often choose the largest employee size available, and choose $1-5 mil in revenue. This ensures that you’re representing the company. Since you already answered that you were the greatest influence in the company, surveys won’t dq you since you’re also representing a big company.

Those are all the aspects of surveys that help you qualify. With this guide, you can quickly qualify for surveys everywhere, and works especially well on high paying survey sites such as cinchbucks.com.

Good luck earning money! :D