Register a domain? where?


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Watch out for GoDaddy's coupon codes which you can but domains at $1.99

... search google for coupon codes.

Netfirms also has 4.95 coupon codes, just search google for netfirms coupon codes

Namcheap has the latest offer, but can only get 1 domain


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I rarely use codes. I have been with Dynadot for years and truly like them alot. fast support, gives me leeway when I'm late on a domain.

Plus you can push there for free to another account holder.

I can flip the DNS - go to my hosting and add the domain and BOOM, I am live.

My point was that cheap ain't always best. If you are like me and have a ton of domains or if you have a domain that is important to you then I would think about quality of the provider.

Also, I never have my domains bundled up with my hosting accounts.

If you by chance have a problem with your host, your domain can be at risk as well.

Best of luck!!