[Review] Micro Niche Espionage


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Nov 2, 2009
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The UK
I tried this out with the $5 trial yesterday.

Basically it's another keyword tool but instead of fetching data directly from Google, you're searching in their database of keywords they've already added.

It has a few other features but nothing great and seems to be more 'filler' than anything else.

The pros:

It's web based so no clunky slow software. Things loaded pretty quickly.

It shows traffic numbers, available EMD's and a rough competition checker.

The cons:

You're not getting anything new. You're putting someone else's database inbetween yourself and Google which means no wait times or API bans to worry about but it also means you can only get what's in his database.

I'd also imagine that the 'golden nuggets' out there would already be found and filtered out before he added them to the database. This isn't fact, but it's certainly possible.

They said something about removing the non profitable keywords but I tried so many in niches I was in already and there was nothing there. The database is sorely lacking at the moment and their 'find ideas' button runs into the same subjects constantly.

The competition gauge isn't great and there's no backlinking information there. It's just a rough look at page 1.


Don't waste your money. Sure it loads faster but that's all it has. There are proper keyword tools that load from Google for around the same money, they might move slower but you'll get a lot more for your money.