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Push-notification advertising is a relatively new format, that allows advertisers to show their ads in web-push browsers notifications or mobile applications notifications.

What are the advantages of push-ads:

  1. Human traffic (there are no bots, since it's hard to imitate push-notification behavior and format is relatively new)
  2. CPC model with rather low rates (0.04-0.1 CPC). You pay for clicks only, not for actual impressions.
  3. High ROI. Since its new native format, people are OK with it for now. That generates ROI up to 114%.
  4. High conversion rate. Same thing, since it's a new ad format.
  5. Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google. Again because there is a lot of supply for now and there is not so much competition.
  6. No adblockers.
  7. Content-independent format. Pushes shows up during the day, not while user is browsing something. So you don't need to target them too much for now.
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Recent news:

-turned on source sampling - you can evenly distribute push notifications to different sub segments to test their performance

-turned CPA-optimization algorithm. It works just like on Facebook: learns and optimizes your campaigns delivery

-launched 24/7 campaign approval: no lag with the campaing start-up

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