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Ok, I've decided to start a journal, now I'm going to confess straight up that I don't know how long this will last, so we'll take each day as it comes. I like to get ideas out on paper or screen, I find it easier to process ideas and things than when they are all bouncing around in my head, so thats really the main purpose of this. Also I'd hope that some of what I write may help others down the track who are working on similar projects.

My long term goal is to make IM my primary source of income. My mid-short term goal is to have a source of income set up before I go on an extended trip overseas in September 2010.

I am currently working on 3 different areas simultaneously, but at the moment I'm focusing my attention to dating.

I've got a very basic and very manual method at the moment generating traffic from CL and a few other free classifieds sites within Australia which earns the equivelant of a very low paying part time wage. My techniques have been a little sloppy due to ignorance, I was posting without changing my IP and without a PVA, not resetting my browser etc, so hopefully if I can get this stuff sorted out I'll have much better success with it. I'm now using Luckykittypurrpurr's Safari techniques for this which really has cut down a lot of time for me.

I've got myself 10 unique IPs, though I'm not sure how to actually use them, or change them yet, if anyone can run me through it I'd appreciate it :)

I'm currently working on upscaling this by posting ads in other countries, US/NZ/UK/Can being the major ones. I'm not sure if CL watches it's Australian branch as closely as everyone else, I've never been asked to verify my accounts, though I have been temporarily suspended from posting for a couple of days (IP) and of course, every so often an add will get flagged and removed.

I've downloaded CLAD, and TheBat so I need to find some tutorials on these to help automate the process. I want to get this to the point where I can spend a couple hours once a week autposting new ads, I'll definitely need this in place for when I'm overseas as I'm not going to get time to do this every single day.

I think I might try using Twitter as well just as a twist.

If anyone would like me to explain anything further, or if you have any suggestions and can offer advice, feel free to post :)




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You should try a CL poster.

There are great ones here, which charge $1 per post, less if you if you buy a quantity.

This is a GREAT way to scale any CL traffic, and to make sure the effort is worth it!

And you should make a return on investment from the sounds of it, and this will show you if you want to take it to the next level with CL or not, while you concentrate on other things!


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If you have downloaded CLAD genius i am assuming it is the demo version or else you went and spent a grand. if its the demo know that it does not stop until you have posted either 50 ads or created ten accounts, so, if you have not done that yet dont do that. Keep it as demo until you figure out how to drive the thing properly. This may take a while.

If you was posting manually then IP rotation would be a simple affair with firefox and the addon multiproxyswitch which you could grab from HERE:

You just get the add on, load your proxies in one by one once and then simply switch from the tool bar

c.o.o.k.i.e cleaner best is Here: if you have not all ready got it:


post 1 ad every 48 hours per IP per PVA
Pva ads stick a lot longer
Clean and change IPs between every post

Cheap Ips and Pvas can be found HERE:

I am using their IPs @ $1.40 each (they sell on packetflip ones cheaper than packetflip at $2.00). Cannot vouch for their pvas as i have yet to use them

hope this helps




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First up, guys, thanks for the tips!
anywayIcan, I've downloaded the CLAD demo, there was no cashish involved...I haven't even had time to open it and explore yet, I didn't realise it was such a complex toy to use. Most people here swear by it, so is there anything a little simpler? Oh btw, I'm definitely wanting to post on other classifieds though I haven't really investigated these other sites yet, I'm thinking Kijiji, Backpage, Ablewise etc, whatever I can find that is easy to post on without being too time consuming.

I started using Safari (luckykittypurrpurr got me onto it via one of her videos) as you can clean it and reset it at the click of a button, so do you know if the proxy changer, or another one works on Safari as I like using something separate so I don't have to delete everything on my daily browser?

I've got a cool program that changes proxies, called TMAC v5 R3 that changes your IP (via changing the MAC), though I haven't tried posting with it
I used The Bat last night for the first time, it took a little while to set up one account but once I got it going I was pretty impressed, I can see why people love it, though it's not the most user friendly program.

There are a few bugs I've got to work out though, I'm not sure if it's because it's the demo version but I wanted to send the first lot of emails manually just so I could watch it work, and it seemed to be limiting the number of emails I could 'queue up' in my outbox at one time, unless there is some sort of a lag or something. I'd have to send a bunch of emails to the outbox, send them, then the next bunch would appear, I'd send them and so on until all the emails had been replied to.

I'm wondering if it's usually best to send a first reply first, to kind of act 'real' then when they reply a second time, send them another email directing them to the affiliate site..?

For those who want to see one of the scripts I've been using, here it is:

Hi my name's [name].
I'm 22 and have just come out of a long term relationship. I am tired of immature boys and want a man with some intellect. Guys my age don’t seem to have a clue with girls, they just frustrate me so I'm looking for something new.
A friend of mine tells me older men know just how to give a woman what she wants.
So guys...Come and prove it to me! Yeh I know that is very short and to the point, but I know what I want.
I don't like having my time wasted, I will be studying, working and living the rest of my life, so genuine guys only please! No time wasters or scammers.
Also I don't want a relationship, just NSA fun, so show me what you can do for me.

Email response
Firstly let me say if you are a scammer trying to get me to go somewhere and use my credit card then don't bother emailing. I only use FREE sites and I don't use my credit card even if it says it doesn't take money. I AM NOT A FOOL.
However, if you're genuine then sorry about that, there are some real idiots out there.
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I wasn't going to bother but after another frustrating night with a guy I thought what the hell.
I don't wanna mess around, and I doubt you do either, so this is all you need to know.

I'm 22 and I'm fed up of boys my own age (they don't know what to do). I am a size 10, curvy 5' 6", long legs, brown hair, shaven all over and absolutely MAD about men older than me. I'm clean, don't do drugs, don't smoke but do like a drink (or two).

If you wanna see me before we go through with anything I've put some pictures and a REALLY dirty video on my profile page (hxxp:// not sure if you have to signup to see it but it's free so it doesn't matter (no credit card details).
My profile name is hotscamslut, when you're on there let me know your name and perhaps you'd be kind enough to put your own short video and pics up (how creative can you be).

If you're still interested after the video then PM me or send me an email and we can arrange to hook up.

Speak soon


For free, no credit card sign ups it seems to go alright.
Tonight's task is fairly simple, I'm going to test out some referral fakers so I can use some different affiliate programs, and find some new no CC sign ups.