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Nov 25, 2006
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How to get your Item or Service approved
for sale in our For Sale Section:

  1. You must first start your sales thread and then contact an Admin or one of the Mods to have your item reviewed BEFORE it can be sold here! Please allow up to 1 week for us to review your item or service.
  2. You MUST HAVE your item reviewed BEFORE it can be sold.
  3. You must supply a FULL working copy (NO DEMOS) of any ebook or software, or FULL access to any subscription/service you're selling.
  4. IF your item is approved for sale, you will be required to pay the $ FEE to have your thread listed. If declined, we will let you know and will refund any applicable fees.
  5. Must apply the following to all sales pages: EARNINGS DISCLAIMER
(Review Process Can Take Up To 7 Days To Be Completed)

For Sale Rules:

  1. All items must be 100% original and never sold here before. Items not allowed for sale here include:

    • MRR, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Guru crap or junk eBooks
    • Material or ideas that do not belong to you
    • C00kie5tuffing material or C00kie5tuffing services of any kind
  2. You must clearly state your refund policy iin your thread. Failure to abide by your own refund policy will result in a permanent ban.
  3. You must provide clear instructions for your product (in English), either typed or in a video. If in video format, it must contain intelligible, verbal instructions with no background music.
  4. DO NOT POST any of your contact information, in the sales thread, except to Pm you regarding all sales.
  5. If your item is not a MMD exclusive, the price you sell your items for here MUST match the lowest price offered elsewhere.
  6. Your thread in the For Sale section will not be visible by the public until your item is approved by a member of our staff.
  7. After 60 days your thread will be closed and if you would like to reopen it then you must pay the $35 fee again.
If you cannot abide by these rules, then you will not be allowed to sell here. If you do not follow the above rules & procedures, your sales thread will be deleted without notice or a refund. If you choose to disregard these terms after listing your item, you will be permanently banned from the forums.

*Administrators reserve the right to remove threads from the forum that they deem to be inappropriate. They may also remove threads and/or ban users who have a history of bad or fraudulent deals.
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