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I get ranked 2/5 times using this method sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't depends on keyword... but google loves articles, blogs and pod casts!


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ATTENTION UPDATE! Place Keywords In The Following Areas:

good advice I like it I have to going trough this steps
1) Also place keywords as tags.

2)Create subheadings for each paragraph and create keywords in each subheading.

3) One keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph,

4) and one keyword in the last sentence of the last paragraph,

5) a keyword density total of about 5-6%,

6) and also keywords in the url(this means you should submit not only your website but specific pages of your website to rank higher for that keyword).


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Articles are great since GOOG luvs links - but the more the better. To get rankings - and keep them - you really should be using all kinds of methods to get links to your site: articles, blog comments, social network sites, squidoo, hubpages, press releases, etc...


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Yeahhh.... this method is ok... But ranking articles for BUYER keywords is next to impossible. If you want to real make money with seo you have to have a site plus a whole bunch of backlinks.

I suggest using seolinkvine with vitavee ultra spinable articles. It is the perfect seo combo


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Believe it or not, it’s easy to rank high on the Google search engine in 48 hours. There may be various SEO techniques out there, but here is one that works for me.
Most people who work online must have heard of Alexa. Alexa is a website in which you can find out the traffic ranks of any website in a snapshot. In other words, this gives you a good measure of how much traffic a website is bringing in. Now, which websites will help you get your pages to rank high in Google in 48 hours?
There are many article websites on the web (articlebiz, ezinearticles etc). You can find out the articles that rank the highest simply by searching for article them on google. Simply enter your search keywords (articles sites, article submission etc.) in the Google search engine and click enter. Take a good look at the search results that appear after you enter your keyword or phrase. These articles that show up on the front page are valuable; probably beating millions of other results for that keyword.
Submit your articles to high ranking article websites and your webpages will probably have a better chance of getting near the front page of Google. If you have doubts about website traffic rank, use Alexa. There are other factors that play a role here, but this is one helpful hint to how you can get a better chance of ranking high on Google fast and free.
Thanks for your post.. I will try it..


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article marketing is not working that good these days but anyway thanks
Who says Article Marketing is not working good these days? YOU??? Well let me put you straight on something here, it might not of not worked for you, but its working great for me and it always has, for the past 5 years ive been making in excess of $9000 per month just from "Article Marketing" alone. So there is some cold hard facts for you that Article Marketing works and it works good. Change the way that you use Article Marketing if its not working for you and you might be surprised by the results.
Also another thing that you can do in that type of situation is you can add adsense for a while if you have an account because it basically forces google to crawl your site.
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