Make Money Online
I created this method as an easy way for fast residual cash and I make I
killing with it every day.
The set it and forget it approach with minimal maintenance is the reason
why it appeals to me and seriously anybody can do it very easily, it really is
This involves some time and work in the beginning and then you can get
cash from it for months to come.
This method is so simple you will wonder why you did not think of it.
You will market a free scholarship CPA at colleges, this is pretty much a
fool-proof method.
Just to let you know the possibilities I get more than 70 leads a day on
autopilot for the past 3 months.
No Fluff let’s get to the method.
Things you will need:
- CPA Accounts
- Domain Name
- Flyers
I will not be covering how to get accepted into CPA networks since there
are already a ton of resources out there teaching how to do it. If you need
help with that just email me and I will send you an ebook teaching you
The Method:
• Create A Domain such as:
• Search Google Maps for colleges in your area.
• Tip: Make sub domains for every college you will be marketing at:
• Go on and search for "scholarships", you will find a
bunch of free scholarship offers paying about $2 - $5 for a short form
• Once you have a good offer and applied to the network, redirect your
domain to it.
• Now you need alot of flyers, you can do these yourself by printing
them out with the domain name on it or you can order some from a
professional printing business.
• I have ordered mine online before from here:
• Go to all the local colleges and post the flyers and on bulletins, hand
them out, stick them on windsheilds, or pay some students to hand
them out and tell their friends about it.
• All these promotions are great but I will make sure to also go to the
financial aid office and drop a few stacks of these in there and/or ask
the receptionist person if you can keep them on their counter, I never
had a problem. Only maintenance will be to drop off a stacks of flyers
every few months.
• This could all be done yourself with very low costs and generate alot
of cash flow from the CPA offers, since college students are always
looking for scholarship opportunities.
• If you are not in the US or you want to automate the process you can
hire someone on Craigslist to do the job either flat rate pay or
commission based. Usually commission based is better since they will
be motivated to get the flyers around.
Bonus Method:
With this bonus method you will be able to further monetize the colleges
you are targeting. This means more leads and you can do this along with
the first method so you can kill 2 birds with one stone.
• Signup for affiliate program through Commission
• Affiliate Program: Gives you commission for every book
sold or bought
• Print out flyers saying something like: "Find the Best Book Deals, We
also Buy Back Books, Visit <aff link>"
• Visit the Bookstore and drop a few stacks on the counter and in front
of the bookstore walls.
I tried to make everything straight to the point and I cannot see why
ANYBODY should not make money with it, and only requires you to take
action now.
The more colleges you target the more leads you will generate daily.
This method virtually cannot get saturated since its offline and there is a lot
of potential to scale.


Make Money Online
woot awsome method.

This will be good although too bad I ain't in US hopefully I'll move there someday though.

It's good though people can mix these white hat leads with BH to stay under radar.


Make Money Online
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One of my daughters are starting collage this year. About two weeks ago she asked my to help her build a small biz online. (She has seem the net pay her way) I think I will help her start this offline/online biz.

It will not only be a great start for her that will earn her $$ but she will also be in the local college. That will help her to push her site.

Thanks bro!!


Make Money Online
Guys you can post and thank people but also hit the thanks button on the post!

Also does anyone know of any offers that pay for international conversions of this sort, i guess thats what IM_hustler needs.


Make Money Online
one problem though all the college ip's may result in a ban

This is the reason you need to reach out to your AM and give them a heads up as to your promotion method. Don't worry they'll bite I've come to realize that with the good networks the only hassle you get is when the advertiser is not happy. With this method your leads WILL back out on the advertisers end so no worries there.


Make Money Online
Awesome method. This has been shared for ages, but thanks for the reminder. I promised myself I would do this, but I just never took action. I am now motivated to do something. Thanks!


Make Money Online
They dont have to be college IPs lots of people come in and out of the admission offices prospective students and etc. You ll be giving those guys the pamphlets.

Also at the same time you can explain to your AM about the IPs.

Like i said above if anyone knows of any networks offering International Education offers than please share that information here.