So You Want to Build a [email protected] Bot – Here's How (Complete with Code!)


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May 5, 2010
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I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Moz and what their site is basically about, well here's a interesting little read I think a few may find interesting..Although the processes discussed are not terrible complex, they are a bit detailed which means this is definitely not for the LAZY MARKETEER
Something to toy around with in your spare time

A couple of Excerpts From The Author:

"I’ve spent the last six months working through the steps from complete ignorance to creating a distributable chat bot and I’m giving you all my workings. In this post I break down each of the levels of complexity, from no-code back-and-forth to managing user credentials and sessions the stretch over days or months. I’m also including full code that you can adapt and pull apart as needed. I’ve commented each portion of the code explaining what it does and linking to resources where necessary."

"I've written more about the value of Interactive Personal Assistants on the Distilled blog, so this post won't spend any longer focusing on why you should develop chat bots. Instead, I'll share everything I've learned."

"Ever since I started investigating chat bots, I was particularly interested in finding out the answer to one question: What does it take for someone with little-to-no programming experience to create one of these chat applications from scratch? Fortunately, I have direct access to someone with little-to-no experience (before February, I had no idea what Python was). And so I set about designing my own bot"