Starting line up for MMD staff changes


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I would like to take this minute to welcome a very well deserved promotion and this is Coolguy. Through thick and thin he has always been there to help. He is one of the most giving guys on the board and just a really "cool guy" all around. So everyone who knew him knew this was coming. Congrats Coolguy ! You do deserve it bro.

Now on a sadder note Griffon will be stepping down as super moderator. He has moved on to run his business. He will always be a big part of the MMD family here. So everyone wish him luck and lots of financial success.


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Welcome to Super Mod Coolguy , thanks for being such a great motivator on the forum and helping us keep this place clean!

Grif were going to miss you bro , you have always been very upfront and honest and I respect that in you. Your place will always be here waiting on you when you get everything sorted out.



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Thanks for the Trust Guys! and Thanks for the Promotion! ill make you guys proud!

Yeah Griff were going to miss you bro! and good luck on your business! MMD is always here for you, you know that bro!
CONGRATS!!!! CollGuy. How you liking that sexy green color bro?! If there is somenone who deserver this is you bro you have being great inspiration for me and many others in the MMD family.

Griffon we gonna miss you as your are a big part of the MMD family. I learned a lot from you since I joined MMD and I know your time is thigh right now but please at soon you get free up come back we will be waiting for you. :)


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Well CoolGuy if any deserves a promotion it you bud! you come in here handle business and then help members both from VIP and non VIP out when the have questions. Congratz bro!!!!

Griffon, man i hate to see you go man since i didn't get to know you as much as the other staff did but you know this is your home when ever you decide to come back! gonna miss you bro



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Congratulations man :) Having had the pleasure to know you for a few years, I'd have to say that "active", "helpful", "generous" are just some of the key-adjectives that come in to mind when having to describe you. Best of luck to you in this new role of yours ;)