Starting with $19 Capital .. To earn $50+/day


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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I launched my shorts link site after 3 weeks of web development, my capital is $ 19 (domain name + 1 year hosting) to buy Create Free Short URL - 2lnkin

My goal is to earn $ 50+ per day with this site.


  • Create a private advertising such adfly
  • Develop my site add more interesting features
  • Promote my site on Facebook and Google adwords

This week:

  • I added the site on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Web directories
  • I created a facebook page and a twitter account for the site

That's all for this week, see you next week :)

I await your comments :)


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wow that is one good idea man!

keep me posted to read about your progress!

try to post daily even if you don't make any progress, this way you commit better to your project



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Great idea!
Keep up with the updates, and good luck!

So do you plan on charging visitors to shorten their url or something?
Maybe, the site blew up with tons of visitors and the author got incredible rich ?..
That can explain the shortness of the journal.. other things to do now :)