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Hello Every One....:D

Actually i already started the method for sometimes. but got problem on youtube. i got banned twice there....

so i move to another video sharing site.... well actually.... in this video site. i got Really good traffic, but still not converted yet.

in this journal i will record my progress to the video i uploaded, traffic and convertion.

what I already done:
1. buy .info domain and redirect it to my affliliate site (dating niche)
2. buy lifetime 7$ bookmark service to 20 bookmarking site/1 times per day.
3. Uploaded 2 Bookmarked videos two days ago and 1 video today.
4. ******** my keyword on the title
5. Link the video to my site and and ******** the description with keywords and call to action words.

stats yesterday 15 - 2 - 13
raw visit - 23
uniq visit - 22
no convertion yet

stats yesterday 15 - 2 - 13
raw visit - 61
uniq visit - 57
no convertion yet

if there some critics or suggestion please do not hesitate to tell me by reply in this thread.


Awesome job Zephyrs, Keep updating your journal with as much information as you can give us. Also try and find a way to stay within YouTube rules as they can bring in major traffic as well.


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Today i check my metacafe acc. my first 3 video was removed.
i uploaded again my 3 video with different pattern watermark and bookmark 1 link to 25 sites
Stat today was not good due to my videos removed.

Raw Visit : 2
Uniq Visit : 2

Thanks Bizzoyce, I will using youtube again later...
maybe there is another video sharing site you want to share?


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Woah too tired today, not managed to watermark and upload new videos. 2 of 3 videos that i uploaded already removed... may be there is something wrong with my videos.. on the site. But I make tumblr and upload a videos there.

yersterday 17/2/13
raw = 3
uniq = 3

today 18/2/13
raw = 5
uniq = 14


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Uploaded 3 same videos today to m***cafe.. LOL just to test it.
and upload 3 same videos tum**r ...

yesterday 19/2/13
raw - 4
uniq - 3

today 20/2/13
raw - 9
uniq - 3

no convertion yet

I would like an update as well. I love this live case studies. They can motivate the hell out of people because you can show everyone that this online stuff actually works.


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Any update on your progress?

As far as I know, MetaCafe doesn't allow clickable links so it doesn't seem worth it for CPA.