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Alot of the designs that are premade but they want you to pay for are generally on warez sites already, just have a look around and you can find most of what you need.


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Hey guys don't forget to use the MORE search results and change the dates allot of the ones listed here when I looked at the date and the comments about them were from 2009
Well there are so many websites on the web which provides Free website Templates, but it is good if you will go with Google or any other search engine to find appropriate template. Because if you will search template with your requirement like, you are looking Sports related layout or like that then it will be automatically sorted out with it.
Otherwise let me know your use, the Topic of your website so I can suggest you some templates.
There are tons of free templates on the web. I personally suggest that you consider these free website buiders here ... . These free website builders offer very beautiful and highly customizable free templates. Hope you find one that perfectly matches your niche.
For an ecommerce site, never do a free thing.. it is unprofessional. I use premium themes


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You can do a quick search on Google or the free download section of this forum for any sort of template you need. It depends on what you want though...