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It's my first thread about money making so don't be very critical.

It's been almost one month since me and my few friends started to test this method. An what can I say we earn money, so I thought why don't share this with others if it's not scam. This company is one of those in which you don't need to work a lot, all you need to do is buy investment packets. How it works?

As creators says of Text ad brokers, they invest money in internet advertisement. http://hitcrawler.net
in this site who wants to make their advertisement, they must buy it, people who want to earn from these advertisements they put it in their sites. It works like Google adsense. The creators of this project are hoping to reach 1 000 000$ advertisements sales per day. And 25 % they are paying out for these people, who invest here.
Here you can see how much you can earn with partner units (packets) per month if you have 1, 5, 10, 50, 100

As you see one partner unit cost 25$, but from it you can earn 750$ per month, of course I can't guarantee 100% that you will earn all 750$. As you know where is investment where is and risk .

It's not all you can also earn more money by inviting your friends. For every person you invite you will get 1.25$. Sadly but now they accept only alertpay, but in another side it's good, because you earn money :D
And of course payment proofs

If you can please register my ref link REGISTER
And non ref register


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Could you please explain these earnings.
Are these payouts from referrals or from earnings of your investments?
And they allow you to request payouts more then once a day?


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Could you explain a little bit more about how it works, and also if it has a Wordpress Plugin so I can enter the code directly or somethi9ng like that.
Thank you.


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These earnings are from investment, but also you can earn more inviting friends and yes and it allows to request payment more than once a day


Make Money Online
Now I have 2 partner units, which cost to me 50$. Later I am going to invest more, but now it's enough for me
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