Thanks for helping us keep MMD Clean of Spam


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I just wanted to personally thank whoever is reporting all of the spam posts and threads on a daily basis. You just dont know how much of a help you are to the success of this forum on a daily basis. Every time you hit the report button and report a spam post or a referral link all of staff including me get a email and we go right then and check out the post or thread.

You guys Rock for helping us out so much.

Thank You!



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It's the least that we can do as members when you and your team have gone to the effort of creating such a great place for those interested in succeeding in the online marketing arena. There are so many areas that can be of use to people of all levels of ability that I guess your members feel it's the least they can do to say "thanks" and give something back. I guess that with the ever increasing popularity of the forum we understand how difficult it can be for you and your staff to stay on top of the leechers trying to come and abuse the place.

You say WE rock, but you guys rock harder!

Thank you for giving us MMD.