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Yeah I just setup my avatar tonight but it wouldn't accept it cause it was too big until I used and old copy of Paint Shop Pro to bring down the Color depth, that is what brings the kb size down so you can choose any avatar you find on Google/Images. Type in crazy avatars or insane avatars and there are a lot but you have to have program to bring down the image color depth...Look for Gimp for free, it should do the same but I don't use it. It can be done, any avatar is doable so don't let not knowing how to resize it keep you from using the one you want.


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hey guys

i know this may sound like a dumb question but how do I put up my avatar I went to my profile but dont see where I can add one plz help thanks


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nevermind figured it out thanks anyways though but its not working right isnt it suppose to be banging its head into the keyboard?

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search on goole picture,on the left side,change size to 125 x 125...then search your keyword...
e.g:nice or funny or good....
you can see many result on there...