The Concept of ICOs

The Concept of ICOs
The concept of ICO is just like investing in shares in Ghana. GCB, ECOBANK, Tullow Oil etc. with the hope that in months, a year, two years etc, there will be price increases and you sell off to make profit. What makes CRYPTOCURRENCY a better option is the fact that its increases can be so huge that with small holdings in any of them, you are good to go. When Bitcoin came first, the price of one was not even up to a dollar. now its over 10000$ for one coin. I remember i Knew of bitcoin since 2009, but didnt know it will become like this. 50 cent the musician, was just dashed 700 bitcoins those days as a token. nobody valued it. now multiply 700 x 10000$ and see. he is rich. you know, cryptos are not controlled by governments. its moved by demand and supply, so as the coin gets popular and popular, its value sky rockets. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offerings. There are a lot of them. but some of us do due diligence by studying thoroughly a coin before promoting it. the team behind it, the problems the coin is to solve for the community among others. Another reason why i like ICOs is they cost almost nothing from the onset. 0.001$, 0.01$, 0.024 etc. you need not invest so much. 10$, 20$, 30$ up to 100$ can make you so rich in a year, two or three. if you consider them as a portfolio of investment and hold them for sometime until you see a significant price increases.
Most ICOs are worth nothing. If you are going to invest, then try to flip as soon as possible, so you can get your investment back + profits, and if you see potential in the project, then buy back at a lower price. That's what happens most of the time when an ICO's tokens go live: they spike and then fall under the ICO and even pre-sale price!
Thank you for the thread here! I have to say that some Pre-ICO campaigns are very interesting and helpful too. I think we need more info about them here. Can you share something, guys?