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Hello I'm proud to present our file hosting website

The File Bay's goal is to provide user friendly experience. We strive to provide the best file hosting experience to the uploader and the downloaders.

We have done this by cutting out all of the irritating things you usually get with file hosting websites.

Our Features

- 500 GB user space.
- Upload up to 5 GB files.
- SSL Encryption throughout all servers and the site.
- Files are kept on our servers 30 days from last download.
- Multi Upload.
- FTP Upload.
- Remote URL Upload.
- Video and Audio streaming.
- ZOOM Uploader supported.
- Any adult content is accepted.
- Enhanced DMCA takedown policy.
- Unlimited download speeds for everyone and no wait time.

Our Affiliate Plan (PPD)

- ALL countries are paid using tiering
- We count views & downloads
- Minimum payout is $2.
- Live earnings statistics.
- Payouts via Paypal.
- Downloads are counted as soon as download starts.
- Views are counted as soon as video is done buffering.
- Monthly payments.
- No Shaving.
- We actually pay.


Q: What are the speed limits/wait times?
A: There are no limits or wait times for any type of user!

Q: Why are the rates so low?
A: Our goal is to provide the best user experience, therefore we do not pressure people into purchasing premium accounts with horrible 50kbps download speeds and 30 second wait times. With TheFileBay you are guaranteed to get more downloads and keep your users happy.

Q: What is your enhanced DMCA takedown policy?
A: Since thefilebay is hosted in europe DMCA is not much of an issue, most complaints will be ignored however in some cases we may have to remove the file. E.G Court order or movie/music producer. We do not forbid you to upload these types of files however, please bare this in mind.

Q: Do you terminate accounts for DMCA takedowns?
A: No.

Contact: [email protected]

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