The heart of MMD goes out to Egypt


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If you have not heard what has been happening in Egypt by now you must be living under a rock. This is not a political discussion or thread. Nor will politics or religion be discussed in this thread. This is about our brothers and sisters struggling to survive period.

The fact is people are loosing there lives over there and struggling to survive. In the midst of it all one of our brothers is over there. Griffon will not be around for a few days because he is over there protecting his family. This is a very sad time for MMD worrying about our brothers welfare. Please take a few minutes to wish well Griffon and the rest of the people over there fighting to survive and protect there neighborhoods.

Let us all hope for a peaceful resolution to this and let us all hope that our MMD brothers and sisters return to us safely

Thank you


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Great post Smeltzer. Griffon is indeed in our prayers.

We hope everything over there turns out for the best and everyone stays safe especially Grif!



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I wish the best for Egypt and Tunisia. They are fighting for democraty !
We all hope the best for them especially Griff and his family !



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Hopes everything will be resolved there peacefully and my prayers are with you Griff and to your family!


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Listening to what is going on over their it just makes you see how passionate the people there are about bringing in the necessary changes to make life better for themselves. Reports on the news have said that people started the protests by setting themselves on fire. Now that is a living exmaple of what Dr.Com says "You can have anything in life if you’re willing to sacrifice everything else for it."

Here's hoping that Griff and others can stay safe and that there is a positive resolution soon and before there is too much loss or injury of life...


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I peeked out from under the rock once, did not like it so much.

I do hope Griff comes back with everyone he cares about safe in these times.

As for the rest in the area, I hope a peaceful solution is soon found.


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I wish for Egypt, my country, to stay in peace and prosperity.
I pray to God to protect it from all outsiders and enemies that are eager to keep chaos there.



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Shit went down bad today... I have kept a keen eye on it and to be honest I don't know what would be better, but hopefully the right thing will happen, whatever that is. I hope those intent on violence are caught and stopped. Good luck and I hope you stay safe. Cya soon.

Peace. V


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I hope Griffon comes out OK. If the citizens of every country would stand with courage like the citizens of Egypt, this world would be a better place.


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wow, had no idea he was over there, hope he is ok, the news in my country has been showing the events because some girl from here is there to study religion.

i cant stop thinking why wont this president just leave, i mean who wants to be in a country where 99% hate you guts.


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This People's Revolt is an awesome display of Unity that the Humanity is capable of. The Egyptian people have woken up and stood up for themselves and got rid of the puppet that was presiding over them. Now they must be careful not to accept another Puppet that will be presented to them, and keep the cleaning in-house and get rid of all the scum that has accumulated in that country. Let this be a turning point for humanity in general, and let us pray for the well being of all people in Egypt.
I wish for Egypt. I wish for Griff and his family. i wish for every one there. Griff is our brother :)

My prayers are with you Griff. I hope everything will be alright very soon. God bless you brother :)


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hi every1...
i am from israel... with being so close to egypt we can already see the effects of the mayhem...
israel is all in fuss and there have been shipment sent to egypt to aid there, not for any sides they are helping injured hungry people...
i have some friends from egypt that are fortunately ok....
i truly truly wish all the best for every1 there...


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Egypt still stands. My prayer for Griffon and his family to be safe and make it through this moment. It will be interesting to say the least when things return to a different state. Glad to see the Egyptians want a change.


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Good Luck to all involved. Many lives have been lost already but they are martyrs for democracy. I believe in people power and its great they have the ambition, confidence and stamina to look for change.


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Yeah, it's been a long time coming but the strengh and perseverance of the people of Egypt was such that they proved themselves a force to reckoned with... I can't begin to imagine how Griffon, his family and friends must be feeling right now, but may this be the start of true liberation for the people.