The heart of MMD goes out to Egypt


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I really can't thank you guys enough, I never knew this thread existed until now, even though I've been around for the past few days. I'm speechless after all of the sweet words you've said, I know we're just one big family over here at MMD, caring for each others and always willing to help.. which makes us different from others.

Regarding Egypt right now, well things are starting to calm down over here, police are starting to get back in place and life's getting back to normal. :)


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Eleven years ago we've had our own Egypt, Tunisia and Libia on the streets of Belgrade in Serbia. So I know what are you going through these days. I pray for Griffon and all his countrymen and I also pray for people from Libia which are in the middle of the crisis and at the beginning of the civil war.
God save the people. I wish them peace and all the best.