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I love MMDCash!
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Works as described! Fast and Very user friendly! Good Luck with the Sales OP!​
Its a mass creator, but you have the ability to use macros, you could create tumblr accounts with your own custom list of blog urls or you can create other account types with female names etc.

You can define what username sequence it should use.
Similarly you can define what first and last name's the accounts can have, provide a list of names or use the defaults.
it can work with shared proxies but if those proxies are blacklisted the accounts quality will not be good. So i recommend using private proxies. Or you can subscribe to our private proxy solution, you wont have to worry about blacklisted proxies that way.


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Quick Review

Ok had a chance to workout this little jewel and well
Not gonna go of on a rant here as I can sometimes do
but wanted to give my Honest review of this tool.
Now staying with the theme of this software I have 3 words to say.
Efficient- Effective- Simplicity.
Guys this is a nice sleek little Machine.
not a bunch of whistles and bells to confuse
the heck out of you, just a Simple but Extremely
effective brick and mortar interface that's
easy to navigate through so that
you can get right to what this little Jewel
was effectively designed to do....MASS CREATE ACCOUNTS.
Also as stated in this thread there's a neat
little Custom Macro System and Those that are Familiar
with tokens and such will be right at home and those
who are not there are Plenty tutorials around the web.

That said I can't speak much on support as I didn't
have a chance to or need for it at the time.
You know with just the 24 hour Trail and All(hint hint to the OP :p)
although I did click the Support Button
and I got no support Panel pop up or anything
but this could be just because it's in a trail phase
and there seems to be 2 Instructional videos
on how to set-up campaigns and export accounts
but I didn't see the feature or play button to activate them.
That may just be my system though.
I'm sure the OP Will come along and address these

I might suggest to the OP That he Implement a
Manual Captcha solving Feature for those downtime
,transitional set-back and updates that can
sometimes cease the operation of some of these
decaptca services we have today.
That way you can always KEEP IT MOVING!
Just a suggestion,not having that in know way
whatsoever takes away from what this tool has to offer.
For you Guys who utilize these types of accounts( And there's tons of ways that you can)
in your marketing champagnes this is a very
worthy tool to add to you arsenal.
Sorry seems I did go on a rant-
First thing first, thank for reviewing the system and providing your honest comments. :)

Support button did not work on trials, but i'll update it so it works on every mode. Regarding the tutorial videos they are on vimeo so clicking the video plays it for me on Chrome, IE and FF. Will check on other machines if they play there.

Regarding manual captcha, we provide 2 de-captcha companies as of now but we will be implementing few more companies out there so if one of them is down user can switch to another easily. Entering manual captcha's will not be worth as its a mass creator it needs to work automatically, if we start entering captcha's manually then there will be no point of automation.

Im constantly doing updates on the system to make it more user-friendly and efficient.

Stay tuned.


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@ if we start entering captcha's manually then there will be no point of automation.

Lol..Brother I meant no harm all I am saying is with this type of software they
may come a time when that option may not be available..ACROSS the board until
adjustments are made.
It may be a personal attempt by a power that be to Stop YOUR software from
having that option..Trust me I have seen such an attempt on a software with
some level of success and they thought the same way but have since
decided to make it available,realizing to at least have that manual option
is better than none at all.

But this of course is just my opinion.