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Interesting. I guess I have quite a ways to go......what about the chat feature, does that come with the shoutbox? That chat feature sure would be useful...... So does it? Thanks.


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What a larf

Can't wait for my posts to reach 200 but don't you think that people who want to get access to the chat will **** the forum with useless posts like the one I am writing
Just to say this post made me laugh or have good a '' larf'' having a look round and must say after being a member here on MMD FOR QUITE A WHILE it just gets better and better seriously considering upgrading to VIP :cool:...and post after trying a lot of methods the one I found that is making me money everyday from MMD with which I keep coming back too! Monmak...


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İs traffic buster in vip programs list ? and is it working ?
No. Nor will it ever be. Traffic Buster lite is. It is getting a MAJOR over hull right now just like Traffic Buster to be even better then before. It should be done any day now.
Well VIP i feel is kinda dead and no major activities going on there and sure some methods but no support, or no updates for many months. Must say Smeltzer's webinars and couple of staff picks out there which makes it notch. Though many threads are outdated, it needs your own twist and imagination. So if you pay for VIP, dont keep in mind pretty high expectations that it'll make you quick rich overnight. If you feel MMD is the one which benefits you and so do it will in the future, donate that money for its success!! For me, i am pretty impressed by MMD just becoz this forum is simply notch than any other so called blackhat ones where people share a bunch of noob tricks or if notch then that too saturated till the very lower level!