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Few years ago I got out of college looking for job opportunity. The timing was terrible when our economy entered recession and the employment loss rate escalating.

Strangely, I find it blessing. It is because I never really want to 'work for the man'. How many time have you work for an idiot? During the downtime, I read a book, "Four Hour Work Week". by Tim Ferriss. He opened my eye about outsourcing, own a product, design your life, and it was too good to be true. I went to Tim Ferriss's website. His forum led me to Thirty Day Challenge lead by Ed Dale and Dan Raine. It is where I got my very first internet marketing training.

I respect Ed Dale and especially much more for Dan Raine. But, I need to stay away from Ed Dale since he prey on noobs and pitch them to gurus' products as an affilate. Meanwhile, Dan Raine is awesome and very sharp in internet marketing. He keep all his secret stuff close to his chest. I got to get out of this "caste system".

I discovered MMD maybe from DominateIm's e-mail broadcast about MMD's new affilate network. It turn out I sign up few months ago and somehow forgot about it. Thus, I really appreciate amount of information ciruclating. The members are great. They are willing to help and they understand why they are here. They are here to discuss and to make money.

I see internet marketing as a great vehicle in design my lifestyle and to make sizable income. I want it to be able to fund my daily living expense so that I can contribute my time to non-profits organizations, my creativity, and fund my entrepreneurship. Internet marketing may provides me several profit centers.

I see this journal writing can be a great tool to organize my thoughts, to let you hold me accountable, and to present the plan and results where it can receive feedback.


$10,000 a month

This is a start. I am working on putting together a action plan. It will be a series of milestones. The milestones will be achievable goal where I can implement an action and scaling way up to $10,000.


Make Money Online
Good luck man, I just took a quick read last night but this morning sounds a lot better :D
Sounds like you know what you want in life, go get it!