To all the new Guys/Girls


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Thats great to hear things are starting to get better here.

Keep the forum expanding by inviting your friends and sharing what you can, even if they are just questions! :)


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This forum is Like a second home to me. it has all of the most intellegent minds gathered into one big humble family.When i wrentched my back i t hought im fked for the rest of my life i can't work. untill i stumbled on MMD and is has really changed my life. Thx all and especially to Dr.P he has helped me out with so much.To all the Newbs Make this your home you will not regret it.

ps. always remember to makemoney
Just wanted to hand out a big Thank You.

In the past few days we have had over 600 new members join MMD from all different types of place. I was wondering how all this would go down and so far I must say I am very impressed with all the warm Welcoming going on in the introduce yourself thread and the likes of around the entire forum. It just shows the spirit of MMD and I love it. Our older members are doing a great job controlling the atmosphere here in a positive way and have also Welcomed all you new members with an open heart.

I am so happy with the direction MMD is going.

Thank You all for the support

Thank you for having such a great and useful forum! I used to go to another forum that was like this one, but they refused to approve my registration so I was never able to post. They were also a bit negative most of the time, so I am glad to have found this place .... everyone is much more friendly and wlecoming here!


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I just wanna say that this is one of a VERY VERY VERY FEW select places on the net where i've felt this kind of intelligent, positive/fun, & such rampant help from everyone new AND old!

Something special here guys, and it really is amazing the kind of quality we're growing into day after day.

The important thing was to grow UP as a community, and we're doing just that.

Just wanna thank everyone for making this place the #1 cool club that it is :D

ps....also wanted to state this: Newbies to IM. Yes we have a lot of help here. Yes we have a lot of information here. and YES we have a lot of amazing tools here. But wtf good are any of those if you do not PUT IT INTO ACTION?

All I'm asking you to do, is to make the effort to swim up to the surface, and you'll be breathing in no time ;)
Just what I needed. A good kick in the a** to get started. Thanks.


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This is a great forum. i cant wait for the new network to open. You guys are trying so hard to get it working correctly and everything working properly. That is very honorable. We will all be glad we waited just a little while longer to be assured everything is as it should be. :) Glad to be here


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I just want to say this is great work done by Dr P by putting up this forum. I really like this place compared to other forums(BH). Made new contacts and also found old buddies :p


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Hi Dr. P,
I have joined this forum today only and had read lot many threads and I want to tell you that I feeling very bad that why I didn't joined this forum earlier.
You owe me a lot
Thanks once again,


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There have been so many joining in the past few days, I actually thought this thread was brand new. The first post sentiments remain the same.


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Dr P. I have to say that I am like a kid in a candy store and what I have gotten out of this forum already has been amazing! I thank you for implementing such a great platform to help us succeed online as marketers - THANK YOU!!

IMom ~


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Just arrived here and have found it fantastic, love the way everybody helps each other.
The one thing that impresses me most, is the lack of flaming, I hope this forum continues in this manner ,where helping each other to gain knowledge is more importantant than throwing out snide remarks about other peoples posts and efforts

We all have something to learn here , some a lot more than others, and if some of the noob questions seem rediculous and stupid. to some , we should remember when we had those questions.

Flaming and redicule only prevents people from posting. In the end the community as a whole.

OK there will be some idiots who post only to promote their affiliate links, but i think it should just be pointed out that this sort of behaviour will not be appreciated and leave it to the moderators to sort out

One very happy newbie


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I had heard that this forum was awesome but now that I am here I feel like that was an understatement!

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Panama... right on. I can't wait to visit Panama!


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The site looks great. I stumbled across it a couple days ago and was pleasently suprised by the great content. Keep up the good work!


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i will only Say that this forum is one and only best all over the web for me , whenever iam in front of computer ,MMD is first Website, for me to Visit.. and warm thanks to Dr P for managing this great community.