To all the new Guys/Girls


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I would just like to add what a great place this is. I am a newer member and the one thing I have noticed is the community spirit, the togetherness of members if you like.. I have no doubt that with such a community spirit, it can only mean huge success and growth..

Glad to be part of the community..keep up the good work!:top:


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I'm one of the newbies here in MMD

Thanks Dr P for letting us to have a great and fun opportunity you are one of a kind and also to the members who have come along the way you guys are the best I'm glad we have forum like this that new members can learn from it hope to learn more everything here at MMD..more power!!!!!!


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As someone new to this site I'd like to personally thank Doc and also all the members that have been on this forum for some time. Everyone has been very helpful, kind and willing to share with me. This forum is hands down the best I have ever been on. I hope to contribute as time goes by. Everyone here rocks!


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I have found that there is an almost infinite amount of information, ive been reading the forums for hours and have already learnt LOADS, thanks Doc and everyone who has posted guides and reviews !



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might as well hop on the bandwagon

this is actually one of the more friendly forums I've joined up with, marketing or not. I love the atmosphere here. sharing is caring and all that so hopefully I'll be able to share an experience or method along the way :)

thanks for the awesome forum


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I joined this forum a little while ago, I still haven't earned any cash but just everything I come here and read things I always get excited about things and methods! Truly the one of the best forum I ever came across


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No, Thank you this place has taken me to a good place as far as the future in this field and when I get the proverbial cash ball rolling I'll will be sure and pass the ball..Thanks Guys.


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Just a quick thanks to Dr P and all the mods for making this a great forum. Compared to the Black Hat people you guys are the best.

I have tried for quite some time to make some decent income from IM and so far my traffic stats kinda suck and affiliate income is non-existant. My Adsense income comes to about $25 per month but at least I am waiting for my first GOoo check.

My question - is now the time to consider Jr-VIP status and is the help available as a Jr-VIP significantly better than DIY stuff I have been trying so far.


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I joined on Saturday and have spent since then going through a lot of the threads, great stuff.

Definitely better than, as one member said, "all the crap pdfs sitting on my hard drive"

Here's to our success!


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A big thankyou Dr p for a great forum which isnt full of crapp like others I have been on .
Cant wait to hit my first goal and join VIP


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This is by far the best IM site on the internet. I've only been here a little while and have learned more here than I did in years on other sites