To all the new Guys/Girls


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This place is really cool I got a lot of information and help i needed with just the forums and threads i have read.. It gives me ideas and new horizon to open how to market my skills and still earn.

You guys are really helpful and with that I would like to thank you all.. a good place to start up... learn and earn.... God bless to all


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I'm really looking forward to becoming a regular member of this great community. I'm so glad I have found you all as I"ve been so impressed and since joining a couple of days ago that I have hardley looked at another site.

Many Thanks!


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Hey Doc! I love MMD so far! I just registered Yesterday, I'm from the Windy City! I want to be as active as possible on this forum, wish me luck!


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Forum Cultures do tend to differ ... but with being a new member to MMD, I was a little but sceptical with regards to it's culture, its atmosphere and the responses...

A lot of different forums based around Internet Marketing tend to have a flame culture, and generally don't offer any sort of help and advice other than "use the search function" etc - although I do support as many people as I can, and I love to help as many people as I can, I do certainly get a warm and friendly feel for MMD, one that I'm very thankful for - it's without doubt I'll be a contributing member that will be proud to be part of a lovely community.

So, as many said, Thank you to all the moderators - and of course, Dr. P! :D

All the best,


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Thank you all for the warm welcome

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me in this family of friends. I hope I can help or be helped for as long as i AM HERE. Thanks again.:proud:


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I just wanted to send a BIG 'OLE thanks out to all the moderators and awesome members of MMD:proud:

I joined up a month or so ago and I have spent so much time reading here and I have to say that you guys ROCK!!

After all the negativity and downright rudeness going on at most of the other IM forums, well it kind of got me discouraged until I came across you guys.

You are all so friendly and helpful.

I will be spending a LOT more time here and participating in discussions and such now.

Cheers :beerglass:



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thanks man.. i was just searching google for a course, and this site magically appeared in the search results... :)

awesome place tho...


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MMD is great forum in this planet, Learn many things and will learn more. Any way I love to be part of this great Forum. :top:


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I would love to see a slowly growing community take over the larger communities like BHW and BHT. MMD is well on its way, and Dr.Com as the admin who is their to stop us as a community? Sky is the limit