Top mobile game possesses unique graphics suitable for Galaxy S7


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Oct 12, 2015
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Below is the mobile game stunning graphics suitable for playing on Samsung Galaxy S7.

Galaxy Galaxy duo S7 and S7 Edge launched last date worthy 21/2 2 Samsung's new blockbuster. If you read already own one of the 2 products, try to experience the compelling mobile games below to get an overview over offline.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
First appeared in 2005, Indigo Prophecy is a new breakthrough in the mix between games and movies, the game has created a unique genre of entertainment. And according to recent information, this game was a manufacturer Quantic Dream remake with a new appearance, superior driver support.
The game is quite popular on the App Store name system is relatively long Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered. Game with narrative forms more suitable, graphic style with meticulous attention slightly higher resolution, the music created by renowned Hollywood composer Angelo Badalementi.

Osiris Battlefield
On one planet in the distant Osiris system, monsters and other planets are in turn landed with conspiracy to wipe out the human race, takeover the planet. You are the last hope of them, your task is to apply all what we have as fighters, marksmanship abilities, courage ... to protect the bases.

In Windward, sea world is vast and gamers can explore around with friends, perform tasks and seek materials to upgrade your boat. Also we can not fail to mention the adrenaline showdown with aggressive pirates.
Obviously the more advanced deep into the sea, the more enjoyable Windward. Gamers will have to become familiar with the NPC come from all over, thanks to their reputation to become known in the virtual world, or even escape the attack of the pirates.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma
Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a game genre action adventure The first perspective gives players breathless action scenes colorful cinematography and ask tough questions to find the answer to can continue his journey.
Heroes Reborn: Enigma use Unreal Engine 4 technology superior in-game graphics that are incredibly vivid illustrations and sharp, it's hard to be able to distinguish what is an image taken from a mobile, where is from the win for PS4 / Xbox One.
The main content of the Heroes Reborn: Enigma takes role playing Dahlia - 14-year-old sister Cassandra. She was locked in a secret agency of the government, called The Quarry. The player's task is to find a way to escape from that place. The special abilities of Dahlia has not yet been revealed. The main enemies of our character will face in the game will be Trevor Mason.
Heroes Reborn seems to work: Enigma is a developer on the market is its cause. This is the opening shot for the television series Heroes Reborn was released in preparing the US later this year. The experience at the same time this game beside the track series will make you rich experiences and deeper like watching a film, but under a different perspective.

In Fear I Trust
Basically, In Fear I Trust is one of those puzzle games horror are widespread in the market but the way that the manufacturer demonstrate the capability to intimidate players portrayed and how did it become environment should be more prominent. In the game you will be playing the character was locked in one of the Russian military hospital, does not remember anything about why they're here and have to find way out of an abandoned house haunting and creepy this through solving the puzzles.
In fear I Trust pretty special when "generous" for you to enjoy the game as the first person perspective through control mechanism is quite simple and easy to use as most other FPS titles. All you need is two joysticks, one for the angle and direction of travel 1. This creates the feeling quite comfortable and had no feeling cramped like The Room 2 brings. You can interact with objects like a puzzle by touching the screen.
The more experience the game, the more you feel the ghost of its properties. In Fear I can say Trust did a great job in creating haunting atmosphere throughout the journey of the main character, and this is one example of the horror title one direct hit, but not psychologically the game simply do scare startle players. Any fleeting glance or random audio 1 In Fear I Trust are brought to you feeling unsafe.

Aralon: Forge and Flame
Accordingly, the context of Aralon: Forge and Flame would be one century after the end of Aralon: Sword and Shadow. At this point, continuous sea level rise has made the Kingdom Aralon views greatly altered.
The continuous storm off the coast previously lot less, enabling the ships may go offshore than before. But also so that the peaceful life of the people has been completely turned upside down, when people discovered a new continent inhabited, which are thought to have died out after the Great Flood.
At this time, the intention to invade the newly formed continent and thus, the nation is living on that continent is facing an inevitable war, a threat of destruction. Players will play as a character is his family across the sea to rescue that nation escape catastrophe. However, this time the appearance of conspiracy, attempt to prevent their trip. That's what players need to address this in the next section.
Unlike his predecessor ahead, juniors Aralon: Forge and Flame upcoming world will own a bigger and meticulous, refined more. To be able to complete all the tasks in the game, players need to spend 30 hours of continuous play. The game is available 4 3 character classes and races are Humans, Elves, Trolls to choose and customize the settings on the face, shape, hair, ... the moment we start the game. Therefore, players can fully styled himself a hero with fighting style as desired.

Killing Floor: Calamity
Killing Floor: Calamity is a game in the series in collaboration horror FPS on PC and Console renowned firm Tripwire Interactive has been put on the mobile platform. Unlike other versions in the series, Killing Floor, Killing Floor: Calamity is a game dual / twin-stick shooter with a top-down perspective, but the horror elements and coordination play still holds.

Syberia 2
Category adventure quite picky players. In addition to the high degree of difficulty, daunting, this category also have many games Games Games, does not reflect the spirit of the adventure, adventurous. Syberia is an exception when the balance is the difficulty with the mysterious, suggestive, stimulating players to explore. Syberia 2 will follow up where the previous version is still unfinished.
Syberia is an excellent game in all aspects. Above all, it conveys the spirit of adventure that many games of the same type no. Characterized mysterious world imagined, with stunning images of the game creates a sense of adventure travel and explore really. The puzzles in Syberia most interesting and reasonable, closely tied to the world of it in a natural way. The game introduces the heroine image powerful, multi-talented Kate Walker.

Chaos Rings 3
Chaos Rings 3 is a mobile games still to go in the direction of turn-based role-familiar beat as the previous version. This time, you will be driven to a character turns 3 test development skills. Control mechanisms in the game remains the same, through the touch-screen operation simple, players will choose to act tactically own character.
Besides, the number of characters in the game are quite diverse and fascinating individual profile. We can say that the character classes in Chaos Rings 3 more compared to the "predecessor" was released earlier. With control mechanisms more characters, the game brings to the player a choice of rich fighting squad.
Overall, undeniable charm that is Chaos Rings 3mang again but at a price that Square Enix seems to have brought to the part quite "chat" with the players.