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Feb 13, 2013
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While some are sipping margaritas at the beach, others are counting down the days till their summer holidays. Since you are reading this email, you probably belong to that latter group. Take advantage of this time and catch up on the latest content we’ve curated for you at Travelpayouts, so you can scale up your impact.

Now, all the sales made through the WeGoTrip app on iOS and Android will be counted by the partners in the Travelpayouts statistics. An affiliate link to the app has already been added to your personal account. The travel brand has also shared popular tours for the summer in Russia and abroad.

VisitorsCoverage has seen an increase in domestic travel by US residents. The top three destinations that VisitorsCoverage customers travel to are: the United States, Costa Rica, and Turks and Caicos Islands. The top three travel health plans are: CoverAmerica-Gold, Patriot America Plus, and ChoiceAmerica.

The travel brand Musement has shared its top-selling excursions in Cyprus.

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