TrueMine- service for browser mining, income in BTC

Welcome users of the forum MoneyMakerDiscussion!

I am glad to bring to your attention a new cryptocurrency mining service – . Mining appears in browsers on user CPU.

Service is suitable for websites of any subject matter, but the greatest profit comes from desktop traffic, where user session lasts the longest (movies, music, video hosting, adult, games etc.).

Payouts occur daily or by a schedule which is suitable for you. Payments in Bitcoin (BTC).

There is referral program. You will earn 3% of partner’s income, who joined the system using your referral link.

Professional technical support is always happy to help you with any questions

It remains only to pass a quick registration and tomorrow you will receive profit in Bitcoin (BTC).

Join our service!

Skype: live:marco.truemine
Telegram: @MarcoTruemine
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Dear partners!
Please do not forget to mention the address for payments in the military technical cooperation at the beginning of work with our software, also if your wallet is the purse of Webmoney (wmx), we ask you to contact our support and inform us about this, as the Webmoney wallet accepts from 0, 0001BTC, and we send from 0.00000546BTC (due to the minimum payment in the BTC purse).
Have a nice day, everyone! :)
Dear partners!
If you have a desire to change the BTC address in your account:
1. Don't forget, please, confirm the change with a password, in the Profile form.
2. It is advisable to make changes not later than 07-45 UTC, in order to receive a payment to the new address.
Have a good day! ;)
Our partners asked a lot of questions, why the payment in the BTC and "count us in dollars, rubles, euros ..."
When we created our affiliate program we were immediately sure in which crypto we will pay to partners!
The choice fell on the BTC, because it:
1. If the BTC falls in regard to the cash, then the altcoins also fall in regard to the cash; if BTC grows to the cash after the fall, then often the altcoins need some time to go to the growth of BTC.
2. Bitcoin is easy to sell, there are many ways to withdraw it in cash: e-payments, webmoney, exchangers (all) ...
3. BTC is easy to send abroad, and get there for it a different currency.
There are many advantages, but only these make it clear that it is better to make profit from mining on the CPU in the BTC! And we get the BTC and pay it to our partners!
Recalculate in any other currencies, it is generally unclear why, because the rate jumps from day to day!
Dear partners!
In your account, it's possible to do a code review now.

Push button "code" generate it--> push button "demo page".
In the opened tab you can see how the code works and understand how many hashes are produced per second of time!

This solution is suitable for partners, who wants to mine from their computers :) demo.jpg
Hi everyone!
Our developers don't sit still, I am happy to inform you that we had the opportunity to load the miner to the site by a certain second of the video player's operation!
So, users doesn't mine before they push button "play".
Be knocked on our support and we will prepare the code for your video player!

We care about our partners!
Dear partners!
Our development team is working on the requests of our partners, two codes have been added to control panel:
IFrame code
PHP code

Both codes make it easy to work with our system and make mining more enjoyable.
Using PHP code there is no need to update the js-code on the site pages, after updating the domain or changing the load settings. The PHP-script will download and publish the latest version of the miner on its own.
Dear partners!

Tomorrow we will start our bonus program, during which we will hand out BTC for our partners!
Main rules of TrueMine’s Bonus Program :

1. The bonus program is intended only for registered users (further partner), who use the TrueMine’s code for the purposes described in the TrueMine’s terms of service.

2. Bonus program period: 2018-09-04 - 2018-12-25

3. For the first mined 10 Gh, from the 4th of September, the partner receives a bonus of 0.001BTC.

4. For every 10Gh mined by TrueMine’s code, the partner receives a ticket for the Christmas lottery

5. For each mined 100Gh partner receives a bonus of 0.01BTC

6. Christmas lottery will occur on December 26 among all lottery tickets.

Description of the bonus program
Signing up in

For the Christmas lottery there will be drawn 1 BTC, 10 prizes of 0.1 BTC
Dear partners!
In your account there is an instruction for working with our system, and also an instruction for setting the code is added!
And we remind you of our bonus program. Today several partners have received their first tickets for the draw, as well as the bonus of BTC from us!
Have a nice day, everyone!
Dear forum users!
We have already created a lot of tools to increase the revenues of our partners from webmining!

But if someone has interesting ideas about how to make a miner more productive, there may be ideas on interesting tools for webmining, we will listen with pleasure to your ideas, if they are realizable, then we will implement them and most importantly, we will give you referral% of all our partners who will use this tool!

Discussion of ideas and tools on these contacts:
Skype: live:alex.truemine
Jabber: [email protected]