Trying to improve financially...


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Hi all,
It has been a bit long since I post something for myself/my needs.
I'm 29 and I sincerely trying to improve financially.
I've utilized 80% of my credit card and obviously, my score is too low. I had a car and I was forced to sell it at a lower cost( A few months ago I had an accident and due to some other personal issues I was forced). After that, I downgraded to another car but still have a loan! I earn $45k/year besides taxes.
It is nothing crucial, but I'm looking for debt consolidation procedures because I just want to refrain from paying monthly interest. I even had a telephone discussion with a nearby financial adviser.
So my question is- should I consider debt consolidation or do I just keep paying the interest? Which would be beneficial for my financial well being?
Nobody will be answer this question unless they know the amount of credit taken and the table of payment installments, as well as for how long you took the money. If you need to pay it off immediately, you must simply find a job. As an emergency measure you can take a loan at payday loans in dc to cover up your credit, but you must find a job and have an income to pay it back. You can't live on credit, this is childish.