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Would you like to be a proud staff member of MMD? Imagine becoming a internet marketing celebrity , that's pretty close to what its like to becoming a staff member on MMD. When I frequent all the affiliate expos and ask around to all the new guys there if they have ever heard of MMD they normally all say yes.

If its your goal to work side by side with some of the industry leaders on MMD regardless if its from the Elite to the Staff then you have the opportunity just like everyone else. We watch the community daily to see who is active and who is generous in helping out the fellow members. We pay close attention to those of you who are reporting spam posts and helping us moderate the forum on a daily basis.

Those of you who are equipped with veteran knowledge in internet marketing who bring some of the best methods to MMD are on your way to becoming one of MMD's very own Elite Members. Elite Members are very well respected members and they get almost everything MMD offers for free.

So ask yourself a question, who are you?

Show us what your really working with and let us pick you out of the crowd!



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Guys and Girls I will have to say some of the best experiences in IM has been as an Admin of this forum. This is a HUGE opportunity for people. You get to network with some of the very best in the IM niche. You get to network with people otherwise you would not have networked with. Your name get's notice.

I would not trade my position for the world and it was the best move I have ever made. To think your name can be on the Industries hot list is something much more valuable then money. With this being said my only question is---

Who is going to step up?

We are watching spam reports we are watching users we are waiting for one of you to step on up. So step on up today and prove yourself an industry leader.


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This is a great move by both of you guys Dr. P and smeltzer. I am a member of almost all forums but i am most active here and the only reason is each and every member out here gets the chance to place opinion and get huge support from all other members. Not going to mention any forum's name but this is only forum where i have seen, mods and admin's visiting others thread and encourage them if they really make a good post or good point of conversation.

Dont know what value i have given back to the community, but i would definitely like to take myself out of shell and give a heads up just to know more of others members out here. So you can count me in and thanks for this new opportunity. :)


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This is a great way to showcase your skills and give back to the community. This is your chance to be in the forefront of Internet Marketing. I would recommend this to everyone serious about Internet Marketing.

Being a staff for me has earned me NOT only lots of money but also lots of great friends and connections.


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Wow ! This is a very nice opportunity.
I don't consider myself as a perfect candidate yet, got loads to learn first ! Who knows what the future brings :)
But I wish the others best of luck :)




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I really love this community and the people in it, I've always wanted to be a moderator here, I really haven't said much about it. But I've always wanted to get to know all of the Admins, Moderators, and everyone else better.

I dunno if I can be a candidate, but I sure heck am interested in this awesome opportunity :)


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Like Smeltzer points out, I wouldn't give up this position either. I found this out in less than 24 hours of becoming a Mod. Definitely a VERY good step to take in being successful with IMing.


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I might not be a huge "method" provider, But I found a new home on this forum. All members are cool and the staff is fair. (unlike other boards).

But if this was an interview and I was asked what would make me a good candidate, my answer would be.. Because I take care of things I respect and I help keep the non-sense and garbage out. We dont need this board turning into another (you know the name).

I am sure some of you recognize my name, and know I am helpful and fair when it comes to members and new family.


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Hey Guys! What a awesome time I've had at MMD so far! MMD showed me the light and helped create what I am today. Honestly I was skeptical as hell when I first saw this site and surely didn't think I'd be at over 600+ posts and almost a whole year on here (never been this active on a forum). If I was elite I could help others with my VAST FB knowledge and also weed out those pesky posts faster :D



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Good luck to all and may the best guy/gal wins.MMD is one of the best IM forums and i had a wonderfull time here.Can´t belive a year has passed since i joined :)


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Wow ! This is a great opportunity!

I haven't really helped a lot of people on MMD with my methods,but I think I could in the near future.(soon something makes me money).
My biggest wish is to be a MOD on this forum,that's been in my heart since 2009,when I first registered here.

I can't say in words how much I appreciate the help from some of you guys.I learnt a lot,and for that a big thanks.
Good luck for everybody !


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I've being 9+ months in this forum. At first I was in the shadows just reading and testing stuffs out...in a little corner full of darkness. Later on I decide to step out in the light and share some methods,tutorials here and there. That is when I realized I was in a community full of life! In which people share information constantly, which is full of questions,answers,support and hope for those that were/are like me; just a simple noob trying to make a living online. I just want to thanks all of you guys starting from Dr.Com (whom being a busy person,but yet made some time to answer some noobie questions of mine long time ago.) and ending with all the amazing people that are willing to share what they know,willing to help without asking for anything in return.

I love each time somebody post a method that they are currently doing. Not pdf but an actual step by step methods like CoolGuy, Krayzie, ecko86 and all those other awesome guys do! Each time one of those members with a high reputation,post count,thanks times, post something, I bookmark it instantly because I know its going to be something good,that is proving to works. I became a VIP member,not because I want to brag about it,but because I feel like I was abusing the forum for all the info I was getting for free. Now that I can go to the VIP section I feel more guilty! This place motivated me to start making a living online,and keep motivating me each day. Each time I see someone sharing a success story I feel glad for them, and thanks them because it motivate me even more to reach my goals and make my dreams come true.

Sorry for this long @@s post and for my grammatical mistakes, but I cant just describe how much these place means for me...(sob*)


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Well I'll say it's great to see that MMD continues to grow, so the need for more mods increases. As much as I hate to see spam posts it also validates that MMD has become a giant amongst the marketing forums. Anyway I'm ust going to throw my name in the hat here. I've been away for a bit due to alot of recent hardships during the past year. Honestly I had put IM behind me and was just trying to get through life on a daily basis. Anyway I was checking my e-mail and out of the blue there was an e-mail from Doc. about TSM. It just happened to be one of those moments where everything just comes into focus if you know what I mean. Despite everything that has happened I realized that IM is where I not only wanted to be but needed to be. I've said it before and Ill say it again MMD has given ALOT to me and I feel it only right to give back to MMD. Anyway despite my long absence I'm back and here to stay...now it's time to get back into action.