Want to make $500/month by June. Ideas?


My comment was i have never seen a keyword.wordpress.com site rank 1st. I accept the domains of squidoo have better authority with google. I never said . new .com will rank better and faster, read what I said. You are correct in saying it is for control purposes. You cant explain everything in a single post. I accept critisism and I am on the learning curve everyday.

tier 2 lens's are out ranking my EMD .coms
authority in the eyes of search engines with your own domains is laughable
If your tier 2 sites are ranking better than your main site to me that is laughable

I see you critisize my comments but yet I havent seen you post on this person thread of what would be best. I will leave you to help this person in setting up a new site, and help them start off.

Maybe you can stop thinking like an IM pro and bring your level down to someone starting out. - Try not to be to technical and try to speak english. - I myself is not trying to start a debate or fight. my opinion is, you can disagree, but atleast then come up with some positive resolution to our friends questions here.

MaingMoneyFromHome: I apoligize for most of my comments being wrong it seems - But that worked for me.

You can get cheap domains and hosting from GoDaddy or Hostgator with hosting - I've said this to someone else before and it works for me. I got a unlimited domain and unlimited bandwidth shared hosting account. This means I can add domains and websites as I want to, without getting additional hosting accounts for each domain.

The only issue is that the first domain you register is always your main domain. so when you have a shared account like that the folder structure in the domain will always be AdditionalDomain.Maindomain. but when you setup the site your additional domains will always be http://yourdomain or www.yourdomain. Other than that you can go for a VPS account or a reseller account. My shared hosting account costs me $7.95 pm. but I buy my hosting a year upfront.
Well it looks like I'm going to end this month with around $65. I'm pretty disappointed with that but I've been super busy with school and haven't really put in any time so I can't complain too much. I'm still only using survey sites (referring) at the moment and I'm going to try to develop a referring strategy that works. If anybody is good at referring (or getting website traffic) and wouldn't mind sending me some tips I'd greatly appreciate it. I would rather not focus on SEO for now because I just don't have the time (until summer at least) to devote to updating content and working on moving up the SE ranks. I'd love to get ideas such as promoting on CL or something like that where I can promote for an hour and get some decent traffic. I get ghosted every time I post there otherwise that would be where I would focus my referring attempts. If I am not heading in the right direction by next month (let's say $200) I will for sure be trying the blog/Adsense approach.
I've been reading a ton on this forum. I'm not really interested in most of the blackhat methods. They obviously can make a lot of money but most cost money to start and are kind of morally wrong to begin with. I think CPA is the way to go for now. It's the closest method to what I've done in the past. I just have no clue how to do it. I made an account at CPA Lead but I'm not sure how to actually make money with it. I don't see any of the offers that others seem to be promoting. I have a few ideas that should generate me some leads but I don't see anywhere where I sign up to make $4/lead or something like that. I also don't have a website yet because I wasn't sure what I should devote it to. I need to make one soon to verify my CPA lead account, but I didn't want to make a website before knowing what product I'm going to promote.

I ended March with about $65 made. It's pretty lol bad and I got no where. I wanted to find a good method of getting referrals for the GPT site I do but I totally failed at that. CL is the way to go...but I just can't seem to stop my ads from getting ghosted. I'm not really sure what to do. On the bright side I already made $25 in April with a new GPT site. It's pretty cool. I think I only spent about two hours doing offers. Pretty much every one confirmed instantly. If anyone else is interested in/already does GPT sites, feel free to shoot me a PM to discuss referring strategy/making money with them. Or if you're interested in learning about legit sites please pm me and I'll give you my referral link to a few. Until I set up a CPA strategy I'll still just focus on trying to find a way to get referrals for them.
you can write articles if you are good at articles. You can start seoing an easy keyword to get to number 1 or 2 spot of google then monetize it with adsense. After that you start another one and then another one.........500 dollars per month achieved.
I can't get Adsense for some reason. I tried putting it on my blogs and it said I had been banned for something I did years ago. I don't even remember what I did and honestly don't even remember putting Adsense on anything to begin with. So then I made another Google account but got the same message. I think they have my ip blocked.

I would definitely be willing to write articles. This must involve buying a domain and creating a website too?