We monetize 100% of your traffic

Hello everyone,

We'd like to introduce you a new product from TrafficHunt team. This is iMonetizeIt, a system for automatic traffic distribution that monetizes 100% of traffic at the best market price. Our system algorithms recognize the traffic type and all its characteristics. Based on the real-time data analysis, iMonetizeIt distributes traffic through preliminary tested marketing funnels. We send traffic only to the funnels that give the best results (in terms of EPV, EPC, eCPM). This way iMonetizeIt maximally approximates the actual profit to potential maximum.

One of the major advantages of ImonetizeIt is its self-learning algorithms that perfectly adjust to the slightest changes in traffic behavior or offer performance. iMonetizeIt performs statistics analysis and re-adjustment of each campaign automatically, saving marketer's time and minimizing risks for mistakes.

iMonetizeIt brings stable revenue growth on the same inventory. It's obviously interesting for traffic owners and providers.

  1. Monetizing 100% of traffic without any remnants.

  2. Self-training logics to produce Stable ROI increase.

  3. Preliminaru tested marketing funnels and detailed traffic distribution in regards to unique traffic statistics of each user.

  4. No malware advertising - only secured ads. Our creed is full safety and comfort for every client.

  5. Highly experienced online marketing specialists for assisting with maintenance and optimization, tracking traffic performance and prompting the best ways to increase revenue.
Advantages for publishers:
  1. Monetization of all available traffic

  2. The highest possible revenue

  3. Only high-quality, secure ads
Advantages for advertisers:
  1. The highest-quality traffic resources

  2. New verticals development

  3. Maximum conversions

  4. Flexible campaign optimization
Advantages for affiliates:

  1. Easy tracking and optimization (through tokens)

  2. Ready-made prelanders and marketing funnels

  3. Fully secured advertising

  4. Stable ROI boost

  5. Dedicated support and maintenance team.
Performance speaks louder than words. Join iMonetizeIt to see its power in action. Be free to ping me for any questions.

Hey guys,
Our team is heading to The European Summit 2016, in Sitges, Barselona. We’re open for personal talks with everyone interested in iMonetizeIt. We will be there at Feb 29 - Mar 3, the event takes place in Hotel Capitolis Sitges. Looking forward to meet you there!
Hey guys,

Good news – now you don't need to create banners by yourself. ImonetizeIt has released iframes for VOD and dating verticals. It delivers the most relevant banners for each location, boosting up conversion and your profit accordingly. Available sizes include 305х99, 300х100, 300х250 px.
These iframes are already available for use in iMonetizeIt dashboard.
Hey guys!

I found that a lot of people think that monetizing traffic is the same as simply selling it directly to some affiliate manager or advertising network. We often get offers for buying traffic, and need to explain people that we actually MONETIZE it.

The major difference is when you actually receive money for traffic. If you sell it directly on CPM/Flat rate basis, you get money at once. You can't expect more pforit from the same volumes, as it doesn't depend on traffic performance. When you apply for monetization service, you receive profit after the traffic 'comes into action' (turns to real conversions, going through marketing funnels).

Usually the second option brings more profit, it's totally performance-based and provides profit based on your traffic quality. ImonetizeIt divides the entire traffic flow into segments, analyzes how a certain segment behaves on each offer and drives it through the funnel with the highest conversion rate.

This way your traffic brings maximum marketing result and therefore, the best possible income.
For better understanding, I'll explain our principle of operation. Check the scheme below:

As you see, all the traffic coming to us is divided into segments, based on Traffic Type, GEO, Connection Type and OS. Then such segments (for instance, WiFi USA iOS mobile) are sent to a few marketing funnels (the top-quality creatives and relevant products offered for each user). On some offers each traffic segment is converted best of the rest. That is why it will be sent to this funnel to bring the highest possible revenue. You earn maximum - it's that simple!
Hi everyone,

We've launched a new ad format - 315х300 iframe that works better than we expected.

Check the eCPM stats by countries on different traffic segments (Dating vertical):
1) TOP-10 Mobile
  • Norway 68.77
  • Denmark 61.20
  • New Zealand 44.71
  • Germany 40.37
  • Sweden 36.98
  • Australia 36.56
  • United States 28.29
  • Finland 22.44
  • Ireland 22.16
  • Switzerland 21.35
2) TOP-10 mobile + Android
  • Norway 49.17
  • Germany 49.06
  • Denmark 48.55
  • Australia 47.46
  • New Zealand 39.03
  • Finland 31.36
  • Canada 27.56
  • United States 24.47
  • Switzerland 22.56
  • United Kingdom 17.29
3)TOP-10 Mobile + iOS
  • Norway 90.82
  • Sweden 86.44
  • Denmark 65.92
  • New Zealand 61.47
  • United States 42.61
  • Australia 30.66
  • United Kingdom 29.44
  • Switzerland 20.67
  • Canada 17.66
  • Colombia 13.26
4) TOP-10 Wi-Fi
  • Germany 46.41
  • Australia 37.84
  • United States 35.60
  • United Kingdom 29.81
  • Norway 28.24
  • New Zealand 28.14
  • Denmark 20.87
  • Switzerland 17.33
  • Canada 17.03
  • Sweden 16.95

5) TOP-10 Wi-Fi + Android
  • Australia 56.48
  • Germany 41.14
  • United States 31.80
  • United Kingdom 26.72
  • Switzerland 26.08
  • Norway 25.58
  • New Zealand 25.42
  • Canada 22.66
  • Sweden 14.98
  • South Africa 12.22
6) TOP-10 Wi-Fi + iOS
  • Germany 65.97
  • United States 40.22
  • United Kingdom 39.61
  • New Zealand 37.63
  • Denmark 35.63
  • Norway 32.45
  • Australia 31.58
  • Sweden 30.64
  • Chile 15.46
  • Canada 14.12
7) TOP-10 desktop
  • Canada 15.25
  • South Africa 14.34
  • Togo 11.50
  • United Kingdom 11.34
  • New Zealand 8.57
  • Burkina Faso 8.07
  • Guinea 7.04
  • Guyana 6.80
  • Australia 6.18
  • Malaysia 5.60
Hi guys,

Great news for those of you, who wants to monetize instagram traffic. We work a lot on this, and our current publishers get impressive results on monetizing traffic from instagram through iMonetizeIt. Here's the latest statistic report for TOP locations:

Hi everyone,

iMonetizeIt team is taking part in Affiliate World Europe 2016 that takes place in Berlin, Germany on July 18-19. During these days we will be fully available for personal talks in our BOOTH 79 (Zone 3, Courtyard). Please be free to book a meeting with Evgeniy Moiseyev (CEO, iMonetizeIt) and Alex Osminin (CMO, iMonetizeIt) at the time that fits you best.

I think everyone here wants to earn money, or at least become smarter ;)

Want to remind you that iMonetizeIt team is heading to Berlin to attend Affiliate World Europe 2016. Take a chance to talk with IMI brains personally during July 18-19, book the time you like. Less than one week left, join us - just fill this form!
Hey guys,

During September 15-19 iMonetizeIt team will be in Amsterdam, attending Webmaster Access 2016. You can meet with business development managers of the platform, discuss the opportunities of direct partnership and find out more about our innovations.

Book a personal meeting using this form or email to [email protected].

Hey guys, are you planning to attend The European Summit 2017 in Prague? It's on this Friday.
However, I find very little information about it on forums, is anyone going to Prague?
Let's meet, if you're interested in direct partnership with iMonetizeIt, or would like to find out more about the latest updates of our network! Book a meeting and come to our Booth G15