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Today we present our payouts on TOP offers on Male Adult Pills, check out these numbers:

Hungary $11,9
Kazakhstan $8,4
Malaysia $7,2
Morocco $5,6
India $4,4


Payouts on the TOP offers on Gay Dating vertical (WAP) from iMonetizeIt.
Check out below:

Czech Republic2,72
United Kingdom2,4
United States2,4

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.
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Although the summer has come to an end, but it’s not a cause for sadness! Because September please us unreal update – we separated Adult Dating into SubVerticals:

- Adult jumps,
- Mainstream Jumps,
- For Insta traffic,
- For FB traffic,
- For Push traffic.

We have collected the most performing funnel at this types of traffic.
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And of course our regular column or one more hot cake TOP 5 GEOs (Payouts) of verticals:


Switzerland 8
Germany 6.4
Austria 4.8
Japan 4
Taiwan 1.6
While the whole world is still enjoying some of the last warm days, autumn is taking over the Nordic countries - the temperature over there has already dropped to 12C!

Good for us! Rich Vikings will be staying at home for a long time in search of warmth and love on the Internet.

Herefore it's high time to send traffic on the Dating with lucrative eCPMs!


NO $192.40

FI $178.40

SE $111.03

DK $108.69
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Have you already heard the latest predictions of astrologers?

Today the stars advice to direct all your energy and traffic to the USA, because there fundamental changes are waiting for us.

Dating offers run the world of affiliate marketing and are in the TOP as never before.

Fortunately, the FB seriously thought about expanding opportunities and did everything, so that single americans could find a soul mate and would finally go on a date.

Take a chance to increase your maximum profit on Dating!

Hey guys!

This week we recommend to pay attention to Gay Dating vertical. Check out TOP-10 countries below:

Sweden $149.25
Norway $148.02

Czech Republic $122.10
Canada $120.29
New Zealand $104.52
Denmark $102.51
Singapore $96.79
Portugal $88.75
Netherlands $87.36

✔️Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.
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Hey guys!

Today is Tuesday and as always we have prepared fresh collection of countries eCPM with top payouts on Dating Vertical:

Сountry eCPM

Switzerland $175.78
Austria $175.16
Germany $143.83
Norway $136.58
Denmark $129.91
Sweden $114.58
Australia $109.41
Finland $105.66

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.
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It’s time to great news! Are you missing our high payouts?
Here is a list of TOP eCPM on vertical Cams NEW:

Сountry eCPM
United States $167.42
Canada $85.98
Spain $71.32

Russian Federation $49.20
Czech Republic $47.70

Please note: eCPM is general data on the platform for the last 7 days. Your rates can be different.

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6692 WEB WAP IT $480,00
6697 WEB WAP CA $560,00
6691 WEB WAP ES $400,00
6698 WEB WAP Multigeo $480,00
6695 WEB WAP DE, AT, CH $480,00
6699 WEB WAP MY $400,00
6696 WEB WAP SG $480,00
6700 WEB WAP MultigeoEU $320,00

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This isn’t a drill, it’s our NEW Extra Offer!

The time for global updates is not finished, so we’re launching “Extra Offer” - the new rocket, that will increase your income!

Extra offer is intended for additional monetization, by opening not one, but 2 offers after passing the prelanders.

This script works on all verticals, with the turned on prelanders.

If you haven’t test the previous features yet, then try to use them now:

  • Back button redirect
  • Enter pop-up
  • Exit pop-up
  • Enable push

The sales time as always brings you amazing emotions, that’s why we want to meet you with our Black Friday offers on Sweepstakes Vertical and share them right now!

id Offer

6832 WAP WEB Sneakers men *BLACK FRIDAY EDITION*- CC SubmitFI €32,00
6828 WAP WEB Sneakers women *BLACK FRIDAY EDITION*- CC Submit SE €32,00
6812 WAP WEB IPhone11 *Black Friday* (with Prelander) SOI USA $2,40
6811 WAP WEB Macys 1000 *Black Friday* (with Prelander) SOI USA $2,40
6809 WAP WEB Fashion Nova 1000 *Black Friday* (with Prelander) SOI USA $2,40
6806 WAP WEB Win the new iPhone 11 PRO BLACK FRIDAY edition (All Devices) (Prelander possible) SOI AU $2,80
6805 WAP WEB Win the new iPhone 11 PRO BLACK FRIDAY edition (All Devices) (Prelander possible) SOI UK $1,60
6804 WAP WEB Win iPhone 11 PRO BLACK FRIDAY edition (All Devices) (Prelander possible) SOI USA $2,40
6801 WAP WEB Amazon (Black Friday) without prelander - SOI ES €0,80

P.S. Read it till the end or you won’t know all the secrets of marketing on Black Friday

If you want to run all the traffic on Black friday and overtake your competitors, check out these advertising tips:

  • Remember, it’s not an ordinary day! During the whole period of sales, people are expecting a miracle from online shops and trying to get everything available, so pay attention to flashy creatives with large numbers and bright pictures (but don’t forget about moderation);
  • Warm up your TA, highlight the importance of time and motivate everyone who participates in a big Friday sale (the leads will be guaranteed);
  • Our offers are on the top of Google trends according to the Geo
  • Increase your budget on advertising campaign; don’t worry all your investments will pay off this day;
  • Don’t forget to track your statistics. Sometimes it can save you from expensive campaigns with a small number of conversions.

Come on, grab our offers while they are NEW and go to test!

It’s time to great conversions!
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