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Make Money Online
I would write one but I don't know much about the community, I see a LOT of common faces I have known in the past, some I don't like, some who are cool but overall so far, the admin & mods seem to be doing a pretty good job & seem pretty chilled out about everything. When I know more i'll surely write one.


Make Money Online
Just thinking to myself it takes 1 minute and no money to give something back to the community that brings you methods daily. Heck, why wouldn't you ;)


Make Money Online
Yeah someone gave a negative review trying to be deceitful. Im sure they aren't a member here, but only you know who you are lol. Its all good they too will convert one day, once they get tired of being pimped and punched around.
It only takes time for people to see that you actually get treated like a person and not a $ sign .........

Mark my word they will become addicted of MMD like me and so many others!