Wedding theme Ideas

Backstory- FH is from midwest (Chicago) and I'm from the west coast (LA). Looking for a cool theme that really represents US. Possibly Md-west meets west coast? Any other ideas you have let me know!
Have you ever seen the show 4 Weddings? one wedding was something similar! They had super cute invitations and place cards that started off with the chicago skyline and then blended into the 2nd city's sky line. You could so Chicago to LA. You could also make your STD look like a ticket/boarding pass between the 2 cities. You could serve Garrett's popcorn or give it as a favor.
The Great Gatsby is most definitely one of our top wedding themes. Combining one of the most memorable books and films we can imagine and all of the glitz and glamour of the 1920s we mentioned above, this style makes for an event never to be forgotten.
The difference here is that the Great Gatsby represents the upper crust of society which calls for over-the-top vintage jewelry, embellished ball gowns, and almost too much bling for your decorations. For more ideas follow

Happy wedding;)