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The MMD Family is Proud to Announce the promotion of aelv15211 to Moderator Status. This guy is proof that hard work pays off. He has being active on the forum helping us fight spam and also sharing with members his experiences on how money is made online. Today he is getting promoted to moderator status thanks to his hard work and drive to do whatever it takes to make it online. Please lets make him feel at home. Congrats aelv15211!

Samrath Gupta

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Congrats Aelv15211 :) Sounds like you've been a top class member over here and now you are a moderator of worlds best FORUM !!

Congrats again and Happy Winters :)



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thanks everyone now, i will help out as much as i can. just remember everyone that we are all here to learn and help one another. and if you see spam threads or other members trying to bend or break the rules, there is a little report button under every post. once that gets clicked on you can give the reason why you feel it should be report one of us will jump on it and handle it quickly.

so to all you noobie noobs that have just join, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE RULES!!!! i don't want to be looked like a villain but i hate scammers. so if you are one i suggest you leave now because here at MMD we don't take to kindly tho that. we are a community and not download share site.

I do believe it says MONEY MAKING Discussion and not free downloads forum. :D

with that said, i here to help anyone that needs it.



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Congratulations aelv15211

I really like all posts you share. I hope you the best of luck :)

P.S: Sorry for my terrible English :D