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We have been watching Manny2513 for some time. Most likely if you have spent some time on the board you already know who this is. He is one of our most active members. He is always online and always willing to help. So when thinking on who better to replace klix and fill his shoes as a mod we thought of no other than Manny2513. So I want everyone to give a very warm welcome to Manny2513.
Thanks for the opportunity. I have learned a lot from this forum since I joined and have always tried to give back to the community. Now is time to step it up and help others make a living online.

1st Tip. There are tons of great money making methods on MMD but if you never pick one and take action then blame on you for not making money :)
Congratulations manny! I'm not very active but I'm trying to be because I see a lot of great methods on this site. Have a fun time being moderator and good luck :)


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congratz manny!

i have seen your post and you are more than qualify to take Klix's place.
keep doing what your doing and i hope one day i too will be part of the entourage! hahaha