were can i store my stuff?

Need some help guys, I live in a country with crappy laws about adult content.If the catch u with adult on your computer u pay hehe. so i was thinking, can i store
my stuff online?like a hard drive so i just go there and login and get acsess to my stuff?I know about rapidshare and like that but i mean lika my own harddrive?my
litle space, hope u understand what I want?any advice?
Just want to say i check google and found some but the are pricy if u want to store 100gb-500gb of pics and other stuff.of course my own externale hard drive will do but have to hide it hehe,any ideas??
you can create an email @ gmail and set your files there..
^ Gmail doesn't allow .exe files though.

As 'openshelf' mentioned, cloud storage is a good idea, but the usual model of cloud storage is it keeps backups of what's on your computer (if you delete a file, then it's deleted on the cloud).
If I were you, I would look into buying a cheap VPS. ($10 or less). With this, you can setup a private VPN to protect yourself, along with keeping a backup of all your files, which will be easily accessible.
thanks guys, dropbox i have sorry cant sign up again on your affil link openshelf,next time hehe.I think what sf said is the way to go for me.just have to look for a good company to do this.Thanks guys.


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you can store your files in your email account whatever you have.

you can also store your stuff in msn also.