What does MMD have to offer you?


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I have seen this asked about a full list of benefits of MMD. What is it that MMD has to offer that no one else does? For starters our members here are family. When you join they will be your family. We are all family. Some might be the retarded brother we keep locked in the basement yet he is our brother and we treat him as such. No joke myself and mods do take this very seriously. If one of our members are scammed or has been frauded by a company we take it very personal. We like to think you would do the same for us. This is what families do. This is the type of atmosphere we try to uphold here. I am sure you can agree after rolling around some other forums that the atmosphere here is much better then other forums. You will not get trolled for asking for help like on other forums.

Once you become familiar with the forum and really want the gold in the hills we have the best metal detector money can buy. MMD VIP is the place to be. Here before something we are working on goes live we like to release to you guys. Here there is a chat where we can sit back and shoot the sheet so to speak. There is tutorials here written by staff on how we make money that are very easy to implement. There is ad-sharing in which you can even make money by just contributing your post to the board and make money via the ad revenue. Then at last there is VIP Webinar's. These alone are worth more then the price of VIP. I am helping everyone to set up a money making website that will in turn make you hundreds if not thousands a month. This is no joke. I take making money VERY seriously. Vip you can sign up for here http://www.moneymakerdiscussion.com/forum/payments.php

Now once you have started making some money you have the freedom to run your own experiments and discover for yourself how to best make some money. This is the time when you give back to MMD and in return you get an Elite status. This status says that you have done your part to contribute useful and helpful information to MMD and represent everything MMD stands for. We do not hand these out lightly yet anyone can get them. This not only gets you recognition on MMD but your name stands out in the marketing world as well. *affiliate networks* People trust your opinion because you have proven that your opinion is to be trusted.


If you have proven that you are a trusted individual you may also become staff which again opens up a brand new world of possibilities as well.

Well think that just about covers it and not to shabby for a very short summary. Feel free to comment or ask a question.


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The topic of this thread should NOT be "What does MMD have to offer you?"
But yet "What doesn't MMD have to offer you?"

I could go on and on about the wonderful things MMD has to offer everyone, from a complete newbie to IM's Elite.
The main thing is that MMD is Unique, you will not find another IM forum dedicated entirely to helping you make money online.
Yes you may have found some other IM forums that seem great, and I'm not saying anythings wrong with the other forums..
But if you spend the time to look over MMD fully, you will notice MMD is not only about free downloads & cracked software. Here at MMD we are a HOME, as smeltzer stated were one LARGE family. You will not find another forum with staff dedicated to helping everyone out like the staff here at MMD.

For those of you that are new to IM, Let me tell you that Internet Marketing has basically the same standards of every day life...
What do I mean by this? IM runs smoothest when you surround yourself with those that care, those that can and will help you grow along the way. Here at MMD you will be able to create a great surrounding of friends/coders/mentors and most of all people you can trust.

I myself have gained a great deal of new friends thanks to MMD. People that I've helped, and people that have helped me gain more knowledge about the world of IM. This is what MMD has to offer. MMD has opened the doors for me, Now when I apply to networks It's not to often I get a phone call from the networks AM's. Simply because I drop my MMD screen name on my app. MMD is very well recognized in the IM world. This is a great place to build your name.

Lets not forget all the hard work MMD's Staff has been sharing with its VIP members. There is NO other forum that provides staff tutorials requested by its members. That's rite, lets say you wanted to learn how to use features of scrapebox. There is a place inside MMD's VIP where all VIP's are welcome to request a tutorial about anything IM related and MMD's staff and other reputed members will generate these tutorials with great detail.

MMD's VIP also has the best Real Time chat box. This chat box allows you to ask any question & get a response from Staff & other VIP's.
This is also a great place to build relationships with other VIP's & above.

Don't get me wrong, MMD is still the best outside of VIP. You will find a great deal of free shares, these guides & ideas shared outside of VIP will still make you a great deal of money, as long as your willing to put in the work. So if your looking for some free tools & guides MMD is the place for you. And for those of you that want to take things to the next level & start building relationships with people that will make you insane amounts of money, then come join us in VIP!
Alright, I'm joining within the next day or so. I like working so I hope I can put good use with whatever I see in there >.<