what is content locking

as far as I understand it is a js script you add and then when a visitor comes to you web site it forces him to fill in cpa offers in order to unlock the content that is behind the locker
Content locking is one of the easier ways to make money with CPA; but you still have to do it right to maximize your profits. Be sure the content you're locking (your "content offer") is actually valuable enough for people to want to complete CPA offers for.

As far as which network to start off with; CPAlead is good, but Adscend Media and Blam have way more offers. And they also allow you to direct-link to offers -- an option you'll eventually want if you decide to use your own content-locking script.
Content locking consist of repudiating access to a specific part of content while waiting for a guest put the last touches on a necessary action.


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Content locking involves denying access to a particular piece of contentuntil a visitor completes a required action.
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Content locking provides excess security to your website content. In order to get your contents, visitors need to go through a surveying process. Basically, it aims to eliminate spams occurring on your site or mainly copyright violation.