what is the best game you had ever played ?!


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Starcraft - 1998, that game is old but still great for me

NFS2 - original need for spped2, you must see it that is car simulation :p, really funny to play

Football Manager Series - all are great really

Warcraft II and III - Starcraft is for me a little better but Warcraft is also very good and it is cool to have that game :)


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My favorite game is "Mafia".This game really pull me in. You must to do different missions, some are easy,but some are difficult.


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Gran Turismo is cool and for very realistic racing simulation IRacing.com

World of Warcraft is good but gets to be the same thing over and over.

I'm waiting for Diablo III to be released!!
Hopefully Diablo III but otherwise I think I'll settle for Final Fantasy VII of course it really is game genre dependent.... I did always love the Civilization series too.


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My list is similar, probably because thats about when I stopped playing games... at least PC games...
nowadays Angry Birds rule! (and there is even a Zombies vs Plants on Mac... ThePirateBay has it...)