What is the best way to cover my ass?


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What is the best way to cover my ass and stay Anonymous on the net (for example spam and so...)
If the answer is proxy...
Can you recommend me good Proxy provider one?
And, Do you know if there are such providers that can "rotate" my proxy every time So I can have new IP every now and then?
Can I make FFB - Facebook Friend Bomber to work with proxy? (there is not such option in the seting of the software like there is on explorer or firefox)


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proxies are not my strong point for sure, I have a vpn, in case I do something wrong like forget to enable proxies :) just in case.

what proxies do you need, I can get scraped lists. they don't last long. I got a lifetime subscription from another forum


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HTTP tunnel will work with FBB you'll need to get proxycap as well

Think its like $1.50 a month

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You can use those two to put pretty much any program through a different IP.

As a side note, it also port tunnels so you can get around firewalls. I used to use it to play MMO's from student flats. Drop me a PM if you need a hand getting it setup, I'm sure I have my config somewhere.

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Oh if I remember rightly there is also a free option, but I think you get tied to like 2 IP's and it's pretty slow. That was for a constant TCP stream for gaming though, the free service might work fine for FBB


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The problem with this / these types of things is that they all use some form of proxy solution sold on to you. That in itself is the problem Thousands of customers all using the same outputs leading to bans on their ips etc

Someone with more knowledge in these areas may be able to state otherwise


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Well if you rent a private VPN you can use proxycap for FBB. It'll cost you more but it is safer.

For facebook though, does it really matter all that much? I'd try it with the free http tunnel first if I were you. Use a fresh account, nothing to lose.

Oh and if you don't want to pirate/buy proxycap... I think Freecap will work as well.
The best way to hide your IP is to build an elite proxy. You can build your own through a hosting company that offers Linux VPS hosting for about 15 bucks a month. I won't walk through the process here, but you can google and find what you need. Takes about 15-20 minutes to set it up with a low degree of difficulty. Forget about all the free proxy IPs you see out there... they're worthless and not anonymous since your IP can be leaked very easily with these. Once you create your elite proxy IP, plug it in firefox, utorrent or whatever and your good to go.

But just remember one thing... Just because you're surfing the net anonymously doesn't mean that you can get away with doing illegal things. The hosting company doesn't snoop around in your server, but the IP address they rent to you belongs to them. So if you're trying to do illegal things while using their servers and their IP address, they're not going to be happy. Worst case is they ask you to leave.. just move on to another host. This is the best and only way to truly hide your IP.later check in IP-Details.com whether it has been hidden with proxy