What is the best way to record Google Hangouts Audio for Podcast interview?

There are many ways of recording podcasts on Google Hangouts and Skype. There are a number of third party app for that purpose. However, I have found that most of the apps provide unsatisfactory sound quality. Instead of searching for better recording apps (which I’m sure there are) I used to just hold the discussion over Skype and ask the other person to record the conversation on a portable recorder or whatever setup he usually uses and send it over Google Drive. I would then put the two files together to make the final episode.
I use Movavi Screen Recorder for any type of screen recording and I believe it also can be used for your needs.
You see, it captures video from your computer screen, grabs sound from multiple sources, saves recordings without quality loss and
exports videos in any popular format Simply give it a try. Check out the link http://www.movavi.com/screen-recorder-mac/

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