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Welcome banana.....I'm fairly new to a lot of the techniques here but I've already made money from the info here.

I would suggest you look over the forum in detail...you will find that egay is on the warpath and that pretty much has everyone's attention right now (though it shouldn't) there are many other ways to make plenty of money.

Again, welcome to the party.



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Thanks for the welcome guys. I really like this forum so far. It's small but it has a lot of potential. I joined for the CS script but there is definitely some good info here.

So how do I go about becoming a Moderator? :)


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show initiative, willingness to help, creativity... and it doesn't hurt to $hall we $ay grea$e the wheel$ with a $ome kind of appreciation...
haha...I like the subtlety...very nice. As for the other things, I certainly will.

This forum has a ton of potential and think it could grow to be on the same level as BHW

Maybe even compete with DP....lol j/k....that place is awful.