Why Are My ScrapeBox Failure Rates So High


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I have been using SB for a few weeks now and I thought I was doing well. I collected a bunch of auto approve blogs and went to blasting.

But last night I decided to manually check the links and did not find my comments on the "successful" list i exported, it showed 7,000 successful, but then when running the Check Links it only came back with a few hundred. And this was using an auto approve list of over 112,000.

I tried adjusting the settings but still get the same results, I've tried other auto approve lists and still the same.

I have tried without proxies, scraped proxies and private proxies.

Is there anything else I can do to improve the success rates? Also for some reason I cant scrape any more than 1000 blogs at a time, is that normal? I try to input to scrape 20,000 and it reverts back to 1000.

Any advice would be great


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You may be banned by akismet. Try to manually comment on some wpress blogs and see if they go through. As for scraping Im not sure what your doing wrong, Ive scraped up to 8 million before but dont do that because scraebox cant process a list over 1 million.
have you personally tested the AA list you are using? from my experience, when people share 100k AA list, it means only about 5k to 15k (if you're really lucky) are really AA.

private proxies will also do wonders but i guess you are already using them